Peto’s I-10

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Peto’s I-10

The fortunate few will reminisce of a time gone by when roadside diners and truck stop cafes served what was undoubtedly some of the best away from home cooking a person could ever want to experience. Our nation’s highways and pass-through towns were dotted with greasy spoon cuisine served by the quintessential waitress with Aquanet bouffant hair and an exceedingly large amount of red lipstick, always with a smile.  Unfortunately, large corporations with uniform menus, coupled with simplistic and boring food service supplies, have all but eliminated some of the greatest grub travel could offer. 

Fortunately, for us, there are a few hold outs, minus the towering hairdo and accompanying doily fringed aprons of the waitress. Through the grapevine, it’s been said Peto’s I-10, located at Exit 54 in Roanoke, serves impressive burgers, and you know I’m always down to try a hamburger. 

During a previous refueling visit, I had the pleasure to confirm Peto’s does indeed offer up a great burger, along with a hot box of essential Louisiana quick travel foods: boudin balls, cracklins and seasoned meats. I made a note of the stop for future travels.

A few weeks later, as I was heading down the interstate and homeward bound, my hunger kicked in. When I mentally plotted out the various spots along the route to grab a quick bite, Peto’s popped up on my radar. 

With a successful visit under my belt, I figured I’d stop in and grab a bite but definitely order something a little different. As I stepped up to the counter, I was waffling between the stacked club sandwich and the fish poboy. The latter won the vote. 

Since it was such a long and hot day, I really just wanted to place my order and take it to go to eat in my vehicle as I caught up on some paperwork.

At the counter, the young woman behind it took my request as a man from the kitchen stated, “I’m on it.” 

I took a seat and patiently waited. After only a few minutes, the same man stepped out, bag in hand, and I thanked him. He said, “I hope you like this, I love making these.” Seeing how proud he was, I felt it would have been a disservice if I took this to my truck, awkwardly cradling a container in my lap with my focus on anything but the food. With that, I made the decision that the paperwork could wait; I’m going to enjoy this at the table. 

I opened the Styrofoam container to reveal a glorious, well presented, picture perfect sandwich. When I broke off a chunk of the fish with the tips of my fingers, the steam escaped the confines of the crusted batter and I took a sample taste. It was now time to fold sandwich, and enjoy. The sandwich was complemented by creamy tartar sauce, crisp lettuce, tangy pickles and a dash of hot sauce. 

After I finished my meal, I didn’t see the gentleman again. I failed to catch his name before I left. However, I have to give him due credit for everything he put into this meal. In an attempt to do so,  I stopped back in just to ask his name. Troy Gary, you made a great sandwich.

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