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Wade’s Warnings

admin February 29, 2024 Comments Off on Wade’s Warnings

When Will Wade uttered that now prescient prediction of 23 wins for his McNeese Cowboys when he was hired last spring, he had a loftier goal in mind for his return to coaching. The

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First And… Forever

admin December 29, 2023 Comments Off on First And… Forever

It’s been a few weeks since the McNeese Cowboys’ atrocious football season came to a merciful end. The Cowboys had their tenth straight defeat at rival Lamar with another lopsided score of 52-27. That

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Early Dividends

admin December 7, 2023 Comments Off on Early Dividends

          23 plus one looks pretty good right now. If you’ve been following the Will Wade saga you remember during his introductory appearance at the Legacy Center the newly branded

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Singing The Winless Blues

admin November 16, 2023 Comments Off on Singing The Winless Blues

Truth be told, I thought  the McNeese Cowboys might be a 7-4, or at least a 6-5, team this season, given the infusion of talent and how the team finished the 2022 season on

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The Prime Effect

admin October 26, 2023 Comments Off on The Prime Effect

If you are longing for college football of just 10 years ago, forget it. That game is long gone, never to return.  The sport has had more changes over the last five years than

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The Saints From Seven Angles

admin August 24, 2023 Comments Off on The Saints From Seven Angles

You’ve heard of the Magnificent 7, right? Those are the seven high-flying, high-tech stocks leading the stock market’s resurgence of late. Well, I have my Saints 7 ready to go, but unfortunately it won’t

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A Different Sort Of Spring

admin May 4, 2023 Comments Off on A Different Sort Of Spring

I imagined Gary Goff walking around Cowboy Stadium’s turf during his recently completed spring practice doing his own Easter egg hunt: searching for that just right player for a specific position.  Of course his

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LSU: From Chumps To Champs

Rick Sarro December 9, 2022 Comments Off on LSU: From Chumps To Champs

Former LSU coach Ed Orgeron had college football’s best Hollywood script going while it lasted. The Cajun born on the bayous of Larose finally got his dream job as the Tigers’ head coach and

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Slip Sliding Away

Rick Sarro November 21, 2022 Comments Off on Slip Sliding Away

The two highest profile and most notable first-year head football coaches in Louisiana have their teams going in opposite directions. My GPS must have been wacky back in August, because I thought Brian Kelly

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In The Cards

Rick Sarro October 28, 2022 Comments Off on In The Cards

It may not be to the exact week or month, but as the McNeese football fortunes were descending in 2018, Incarnate Word began its rise from the football ashes, so to speak. And if

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