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Sunday Brunch At Blue Dog Café

Mario Pacetti January 18, 2018 Comments Off on Sunday Brunch At Blue Dog Café

First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas with their families, and I pray everyone was careful on New Years Eve. A few weeks back, my friend John Saucier was going on about

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Restaurant Rant

Mario Pacetti January 4, 2018 Comments Off on Restaurant Rant

I’ve been writing “Dishing It Out” for over four years now, and while I’ve had some critiques of places, I’ve never said outright negative things about any of the places I’ve eaten at. I

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Mario Pacetti February 2, 2017 Comments Off on Jacksonville

Well, I had to go all the way to Disney World for this column, but it was so worth it, even though we had to walk 46 miles over the four days we were

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The Villa

Mario Pacetti January 19, 2017 Comments Off on The Villa

324 Pujo Street • Lake Charles • 337-436-6251 If you’re my age, you remember the small blue house on Ryan St. that housed the little Italian restaurant with the big taste — the Italian

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Mario Pacetti December 1, 2016 Comments Off on Bluefish

629 W. Prien Lake Rd. • Lake Charles • 337-602-6699 During election time, when I was doing my best to ignore the ridiculous behavior on social media, I happened across a post about a

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City Market And Deli

Mario Pacetti November 17, 2016 Comments Off on City Market And Deli

710 Dr. Michael DeBakey Dr. • Lake Charles • 337-602-6415 A few weeks ago, my mother, Rosalind Fontenot, called me up. During our conversation, she told me about this cute little market she went to

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Chuck Fest

Mario Pacetti November 4, 2016 Comments Off on Chuck Fest

The family and I decided to go check out Chuck Fest recently. We went last year, but we didn’t really hang too long, as we had a little boy who needed some nap time.

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Taco Mel Taqueria

Mario Pacetti October 21, 2016 Comments Off on Taco Mel Taqueria

2740 Country Club Rd. • Lake Charles • 337-602-6482 I had been hearing good things about a new taco place called Taco Mel that had opened up in my old Fat Cat location on

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Smokin’ Hot Grill Food Truck

Mario Pacetti October 7, 2016 Comments Off on Smokin’ Hot Grill Food Truck

Chelsea and I decided to go check out the Smokin’ Hot Grill food truck at the Crying Eagle Brewery. I had seen posts about this truck on Facebook, but I hadn’t seen it around

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Chastain’s Food & Spirits

Mario Pacetti September 15, 2016 Comments Off on Chastain’s Food & Spirits

Chelsea and I were looking for places to eat the other day because I’ve been going to my local favorites over and over again and hadn’t gone anywhere new to write about. For some

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