Sunday Brunch At Blue Dog Café

Mario Pacetti Thursday, January 18, 2018 Comments Off on Sunday Brunch At Blue Dog Café
Sunday Brunch At Blue Dog Café

First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas with their families, and I pray everyone was careful on New Years Eve.

A few weeks back, my friend John Saucier was going on about how good the Sunday brunch at Blue Dog Café was.

Well, I have been to Blue Dog Café before, and I just wasn’t “wowed” about my experience and since then, I never had the urge to go back.

Now, John was very convincing in his praise of their Sunday brunch, and he started naming off all the things they have on a buffet set up, so I called my buddy Garrett, and he, Chelsea and I gave it a go.

Right off the bat you realize that if you are not there at 10 am when they open, it is already bumping with people.

The place has a much different vibe on Sunday. The place was real busy, but in a smooth, flowing type of way and they had some really nice live music playing in the background.

Starting our experience, we found out it they offer bottomless mimosas (which is never a bad thing) but we didn’t even wait for the mimosas to arrive before we all made a bee-line for the prime rib carving station.

The young man running the carving station was doing a great job and his line was moving steady. He was carving the meat just right, that was, until he got to me. He wouldn’t give me the end cut — and I really am saying that as joke, because I know most places won’t —but it sure looked amazing.

The meat was perfectly mid-rare and was so tender that it melted in your mouth and you really didn’t even need any of the au-jus. Chelsea was quite fond of it and made a return trip just for that.

There were some classic items that were pretty impressive. The Dirty Dog rice dressing was just how it should have  been, with the rice and meat married together with just the right amount of seasoning that made every bite as good as the first.

I really liked the crawfish enchiladas.They didn’t have a strong fishy flavor that sometimes that type of dish does, and in my opinion, that ruins the dish because you lose the flavor of the other ingredients.

I also really liked the little Belgian waffles that had both banana and strawberries foster to put on top, and they had this sweet potato crumb dish that is really  hard to figure out, but it was mashed sweet potatoes that they baked with a crumb topping. I couldn’t really make out any of the other ingredients, but let me tell you, I had three helpings of this dish.

My hands-down chart topping dish was the smoked gouda grits topped with pork grillades. The grits were so creamy, and the smokiness of the gouda made the grits by themselves a game changer —but when you add that tender pork — and a gravy that would get your hands slapped for touching — then you have yourselves a dish that kicks all the other dishes asses.

I have been talking about the Sunday brunch at Blue Dog Café nonstop since I tried it, and I will for sure be back.

I have some very exciting news and that is my friends Damon and Heather from Tasterite Jamaican will be opening in their new location at 2204 Kirkman St. very soon. I am so happy for them, and I wish them all the success because they really deserve it. If you haven’t made it to Tasterite yet, go try them before you check out their upcoming new location.

On a closing sad note, I was sorry to hear that Wienie Dogs had been broken into and vandalized. If you know anything, please contact the local police and lets bring these vandals to justice — supporting local means looking out for them as well.

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