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Extra Dash-Nawal’s Kabab House & Grill

admin February 8, 2024 Comments Off on Extra Dash-Nawal’s Kabab House & Grill

The significance of a ribbon-cutting for a business is monumental. It’s an appreciation and recognition of the business and shows the support of the city’s leadership and the community. With arms wide open, Eazy

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Wang Sistas

admin December 7, 2023 Comments Off on Wang Sistas

Ever since Wang Sistas opened their little drive-thru eatery, it’s been on my radar, and I finally got in. It’s a quaint little building on the corner of Oak Park Blvd. and Warren Ave.

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Peto’s I-10

admin September 14, 2023 Comments Off on Peto’s I-10

The fortunate few will reminisce of a time gone by when roadside diners and truck stop cafes served what was undoubtedly some of the best away from home cooking a person could ever want

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Coolers Icehouse

admin September 14, 2023 Comments Off on Coolers Icehouse

              It appears a new contender has come to battle in the arena of Poboy Wars. This has caused a fervor among the fans and diehards of tradition

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Patron Mexican Grill

Bill Coyne March 3, 2023 Comments Off on Patron Mexican Grill

2624 Gerstner Memorial Drive, Lake Charles Let’s face it, Southwest Louisiana is saturated with restaurants offering Mexican and Latin cuisine. At last count, in our parish alone, we have amassed more than four dozen

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Nawal’s Kebab House & Grill

Bill Coyne February 20, 2023 Comments Off on Nawal’s Kebab House & Grill

409 W. Prien Lake Road, Lake Charles Nothing thrills me more than witnessing our little corner of Louisiana expand, especially when it comes to new restaurants and businesses. Throughout our community, I often hear

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Joe’s Pizza And Pasta

Bill Coyne December 9, 2022 Comments Off on Joe’s Pizza And Pasta

1601 Ruth Street, Sulphur Joe’s is back!  OK, to be fair, Joe’s Pizza and Pasta has been back for a little while now. After 6 months, with hurricane recovery repairs sufficiently completed for a

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Fire & Oak

Bill Coyne November 21, 2022 Comments Off on Fire & Oak

 5656 Nelson Road, Lake Charles Only a few short years ago, Southwest Louisiana was touted as one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. With LNG expansions and petro-chem start ups, people

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Stellar Beans

Bill Coyne October 28, 2022 Comments Off on Stellar Beans

 319 Broad Street, Lake Charles Every year, my health insurance provider requires me and my wife to visit the phlebotomist. In order to provide a good reading, he requires a fasting period of at

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Pat’s Of Henderson

Bill Coyne September 16, 2022 Comments Off on Pat’s Of Henderson

1500 Siebarth Drive, Lake Charles Many rejoiced across Southwest Louisiana as Pat’s of Henderson announced their reopening. Hurricane Laura gutted the building, leaving little more to salvage than countless memories and a brick exterior. 

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