Sofia Rae Fournet

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Sofia Rae Fournet

Disclaimer: the Lagniappe newspaper family has graciously granted the author of this outdoor banter to focus this edition on matters more important than the usual hunting and fishing material. Please, let me indulge myself.

Her name is Sofia Rae Fournet, and she weighed in at eight pounds, four ounces, and stretched over 20 inches long. She is a beautiful, vibrant baby girl complete with an ”au natural” Mohawk hairstyle. She’s the pride of parents Katie and Cooper’s hearts, and a sweetheart. Cher bebe!

Baby Sofia

It’s a newfound joy for grown-ups to stare in wonderment at this bundle of joy and occasionally break into unintelligible baby talk. You have to feel her fat cheeks to believe how soft they are. And a beautiful, toothless grin is a big fan favorite. Her eyes are, at the moment, deep blue, and she is just beginning to focus in. She is our new center of attention, and her grandparents are loving it.

This baby will never want for attention, and will be most assuredly spoiled rotten. But that’s just part of the fun. She’s surrounded by loving families and beaucoup friends. This fine little Cajun bebe has a great future in store. She can put a smile on your face, and wrap you around her little finger in a skinny second.

A new baby in the family can sure straighten out your priorities, and in a good way. Her “Grams” (Tiffany) is beaming and as proud as she can be. She is a great mother and an even better grandmother.

Sofia’s grandparents on Katie’s side are Papa Jeff Smith and Mimi Mary Ann. They were way out in west Texas hunting, but on red alert. They planned the trip early in advance of Sofia’s scheduled arrival. But after an early false alarm, Mary Ann was packed and loaded for their muy pronto return. Jeff did his best imitation of Mario Andretti, breaking all existing land speed records in zooming back to Lake Chuck.

They had passed a great time in the mesquite-covered senderos of west Texas. Mary Ann scored a beautiful axis deer with her first-ever rifle shot. She had duly sighted her rifle in and was grouping her rounds tightly. With the able assistance of her ex-Army Captain shooting instructor, she quickly built her confidence in her shooting ability.

When the moment of truth arrived, the adrenaline pumped. The deer was over 200 hundred yards out, but Mary Ann was all over it. She forgot all about her ear protection or glasses, but remembered to control her breathing. She squeezed off a totally accurate round, dropping the deer with a stone-cold shot. Jeff smiled and thanked the man upstairs for his good Army training.

Mary Ann, whose ears were still ringing with the shot, was enjoying the rush. This is why we hunt!

A week after their safe arrival home, Sofia made her grand entrance. Good friends and family were duly gathered when the time arrived. It was a day we will never forget and always cherish. Mom and baby were healthy, and Coop was clearly in the proud-papa zone.

Thanks for your patience. But now there will also be timely progress reports on Sofia’s journey, so you can keep up.  God is good!

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