Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 20, 2020 Comments Off on Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

We deserve some good news. It has been an eventful year, mostly for some very negative reasons. We have been over-flowing with badness and it is definitely time for a change of pace.

A few of the pains we have suffered through lately have been self-inflicted. There is way more than enough pain to go around without inventing more.

This big sow trout made Hackberry’s Lena Currie’s day on a recent trip.

The all-out assault on monuments of historical people continues unabated. Never mind that they are the visual reminders of our history lessons. If that is all you have to occupy your day, have at it.

It was hard to watch. On a national news report recently, cops in riot gear huddled around a federal monument. They were being pelted with rocks and bottles and looking for cover. It was amazing how many projectiles rained down on them and how long it lasted. The film centered on these law enforcement officers and not on the attackers.

It is hard to believe, but no one was arrested as thugs showered these officers with deadly projectiles. Is this what defunding police officers is all about?

When these same brave officers begin walking away from a thankless job, we will be sorry we did not back them up in their time of need. Hopefully, it will not come down to that.

President Trump was recently forced to call out Federal officers to help quell the violent rioting and protect Federal property in Portland, Ore. Blatant lawlessness has wracked this great city for over 60 days. The bad news: It is hard to believe this is going on in our great country. The good news: is we have a powerful force of trained Federal officers that are equipped to quell this anarchy. It is hard to believe we are witnessing all of this in the good old USA.

The coronavirus epidemic is worsening, as predicted by most experts. Suddenly, the American public is beginning to abide by advice by medical professionals. It is a new era in modern history, as the people slowly but surely adjust their lifestyles. Masks are essential nowadays and social distancing is for real.

As more people contract the virus, it serves the purpose of getting the attention of everybody else. We are in a crucial period that could affect us all in our very near future. It is in our best interest to comply with recommendations from our leaders.

Normally, at this time of year, fans are gearing up for some football. But the future of any games in any sport is very precarious at this juncture.

Schools are preparing for a new year, but that too is on shaky ground and may be put on hold in some places. Families have to make some hard calls on what to do with their most precious commodity — their children.

Let us lighten up with feel-good fishing news.

Lacassine Reserve is alive and well. This beautiful freshwater marsh has produced several double-digit bass already this year. A double-digit fish is quite an accomplishment for any bass fisherman worth his salt.

It is an opportune time to get out in Mother Nature, and do your thing.  Catching a mess of fish would be pure lagniappe, and all is well.

It is a typically hot Louisiana-style summer as temperatures are regularly topping out in the 90s. Do not forget to pack up plenty of water to hydrate and live to fish again. 

Don’t worry, be happy!

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