Bigger And Better Adventures

Rocke Fournet Thursday, November 19, 2020 Comments Off on Bigger And Better Adventures
Bigger And Better Adventures

These are extremely trying times.  We have been at our current home for over 30 years. In the last few months, we have unceremoniously been greeted in the early morning by vagrants sleeping at our front door.

On three separate occasions, apparently homeless people have decided to sack out and take a snooze right there on the concrete. One lost soul overstayed his welcome, and the city policemen did the honors of waking him from a deep slumber and sending him on his way.

The cops were very forgiving; after searching him, they let him walk. He left behind an empty bottle of booze and several equally empty tallboy beer cans.

When you think you have it bad, look around.

It has been the summer from hell. The coronavirus has changed the world we live in drastically. Most people are abiding by new rules, such as mandatory masks and social distancing. In the middle of this deadly pandemic, major cities have been swept under by militant anarchists attacking monuments and anything else that gets in their way. Robbing and looting businesses is also an integral part of the plan. It is complete and utter chaos, with many so-called leaders allowing the destruction of great American cities. The ultimate solution is to defund the police who are in harm’s way, trying to protect the public and keep the peace. The military has had to be called out to preserve order and some semblance of lawfulness.

When in doubt, turn off the news for sanity’s sake and go fishing. Whether you catch or not, a trip out in Mother Nature can set your soul free!

One thing you can be sure of is that you get to the polls and exercise your right to vote. We, as Americans, can make our choice for the most important election in the entire world. The president-elect will be our fearless leader for the next four years, so choose carefully

Schools have tentatively opened, so some sense of normalcy may return. The students who have endured the shutdown serve as our most precious commodity. Sometimes you must learn to be somewhat flexible and not resistant to change. Hopefully we have learned our lesson and can adjust. Doing so will give us confidence to roll with the punches.

On to bigger and better adventures:  Lacassine Reserve opened in March and the Campbell boys were chomping at the bit. Dad, Danny and son Chance hit this beautiful marsh in search of a marsh hawg. As fate would have it, this would turn out to be a special day in their fishing lives.

Dad set the hook first and scored his best marsh bass with a giant weighing 7.15 pounds. They eventually drifted over the same spot when it was Chance’s turn. The youngster set the hook hard and held on for dear life. He battled the bass through the lily pads and finally boated the hawg. His bass rightfully nudged the old man’s fish out, weighing in at 7.85 pounds.

Dad Danny could not have been happier to place a close second to his son’s biggest bass. It could not have happened to a nicer guy. This trip will be indelibly burned into the psyche of these fishermen for eternity.

When in doubt, turn off the news for sanity’s sake and go fishing. Whether you catch or not, a trip out in Mother Nature can set your soul free!


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