Let The Games Begin!

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 6, 2020 Comments Off on Let The Games Begin!
Let The Games Begin!

There has to be a bright side, but you might have to look.

Jeff Gaspard

It has been a memorable summer, like no other. We have endured looting and rioting in American cities. That most memorable show of unrestrained lawlessness ushered in the spread of coronavirus across the world.

Also, if you are not sick at your stomach yet, tune in to the farce that has become the presidential fight for votes.

There is plenty of bad going around. But if you look hard enough, it is all good!

Uncertain times like these certainly help to make you grateful for your health and welfare.

If all you have to do is tear down statues, it may be time to get a real job.  What a complete waste of time and effort.

There is also good stuff happening every day. The following are great things happening in our corner of the world.

Jeff Gaspard caught a plus-10-pound bass in Lacassine Reserve this spring. He has a video of him releasing this marsh hawg back into the beautiful freshwater marsh. Check out his still shot.

Also, Ted Hammershmidt watched as his grandson caught his biggest bass to date. They were at Toledo Bend when junior set the hook hard and the fight was on. This fish weighed in over six pounds and made both anglers’ day.

Bryan Lavoi caught a giant bass weighing seven pounds, eight ounces.  He caught his hawg on the old faithful — Sabine River. Bryan could not recall the secret bait he was using when the fish exploded. But, it is all good.

These are exciting times for the McNeese athletic programs. Several changes have been made for the good in the future make-up of Cowboy sports.

Bryan Lavoi

President Daryl Burckel has made some restructuring changes, and the future is bright. The addition of Todd Butler was announced and will benefit McNeese sports. The ball coach has won more than his fair share of games.

Basketball coach Heath Shroyer was bumped up to the Athletic Director position, but will continue to lead the Cowboys in his first love — basketball.  In a very short time, the coach has put together a solid team. We are pulling for them.

We watched this scrappy team mix it up against Stephen F. Austin. The week before, SFA upset Duke for the upset of the year.

The Cowboys fought hard to work their way back into the game and made us all proud. Coach Shroyer faced the crowd and exhorted them to stand and make some noise. Which they did!

This will show up as a loss, but the Cowboys got game. Local sports fans are looking forward to watching the development of this first-class basketball program.

Cowboy fans are also looking forward to the football season and the debut of the new head coach, Frank Wilson. These are exciting times, with a new head coach taking the reins along with a new coaching staff.

We open with our good friends in Lafayette (U-L). And what better way to welcome coach Wilson and his assistants to Cowboy football?

Another positive brought on by the pandemic is sports fans are starved for their athletics. We are ready as we will get. So, let the games begin! 



Mr. Fournet,

My friend David Ludolph took me bass fishing on Toledo Bend. He told me that a few days before they caught some fish on a 6-inch watermelon red lizard. I caught several with one, but ultimately decided to use my old reliable bait on Carolina Rig. On my first cast, I thought I had set the hook in a stump. The fish was a 7-pound, 7-ounce beauty. We put it in the pond when I came home. I caught eight, David had five.

David went back with a friend a day later. He said, “I’m going to use my ‘Slick’ bait.” I’ve had the name “Slick” all my life. They call the “Slick” bait a french fry; I call it my potato bait. The photo is of David with his results with the bait — a fish over 8 pounds. 

I wanted to share this with you for the Lagniappe. We read it for your stories and the good food places. Bless you and yours with good.

— Love, health and wisdom,

Norval “Slick” Justilien 

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