The Way Deer Hunting Should Be

Rocke Fournet Thursday, March 5, 2020 Comments Off on The Way Deer Hunting Should Be
The Way Deer Hunting Should Be

Now that hunting season is finis, we are experiencing some real winter weather. We were forecasted to be in the 30s to usher in Valentine’s Day. That’s too little winter this year and way too late.

Mike Miller, Sr. and Mike Miller, Jr.

In between cold fronts, there have been some decent fish caught, forecasting a good year as spring weather sets in. Bundick Lake produces some mighty fine white perch, and this year is no different. Kurt Fontenot and cohorts hit the weather in between fronts and loaded up on big slab white perch.  Fontenot kept a fine 2.41-pound beauty to mount as a memento of this most memorable trip.

It was a family affair as hunters from the White clan wrapped up the deer season. They headed out west to Big Wells, Texas, for their annual trip to bag a big buck. Dad, Joe, and son Robert were sitting tight for a muy grande Lone Star State buck. Robert pulled the trigger on an awesome 10-pointer that put the pressure on the old man.

But never fear, Joe one-upped his hunter son with an 11-point Texas wall-hanger. This was a great hunt neither will ever forget.

Mike Miller, Sr.

Another dynamic father-son deer hunting team was composed of Mike Miller and Mike, Jr. They packed up for the hills of George West, Texas, and the land of whitetail deer. This is the way deer hunting should be. The Miller boys were literally in the middle of some very nice, mature Texas bucks.

Mike, Sr., waited impatiently for the dominant buck to appear. His patience was rewarded with his best-ever buck, sporting 12 points and an inside spread of more than 20 inches.

Mike, Jr., pulled the trigger on several “cull” bucks that anywhere else would have been classified as trophy deer. This was a great day for the Millers.

Both of these Louisiana hunters were in awe of the number of mature bucks they encountered. There is nothing like being in a position to observe deer, whether you pull the trigger or not. Both Mike Millers are looking forward to a return trip to deer country.

Joe and Robert White

It is unseasonably cold right now as a winter weather system just blew through. Before you know it, the wind will switch to the south and begin to warm. It is a great opportunity to prepare yourself and take inventory of all your fishing gear. You will be glad you did when the bite turns on.

If you are starved for entertainment, get out and support your favorite basketball teams. As usual, local athletes put on a great show for local fans.

The McNeese Cowboys were on a brief roll, stringing together some impressive wins. Opposing teams took notice of their success, and have, as of late, shut them down. But there is a lot of season left, and they need your support. Get out and support these athletes and coaches who work so hard for your support. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated and you are guaranteed to get more bang for your buck.

If the hard court is not your thing, then support McNeese baseball. These guys deserve it after opening the season with impressive wins. Support your local Cowboys!

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