Sit Tight And Watch

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Sit Tight And Watch

Patience is an absolute necessity when it comes to deer hunting.  The old saying “you can’t be successful if you stay at the house” is right on. Often, it is plain old stubbornness that keeps you in the woods when pickings are slim.

Arthur Walls was hunkered down in a familiar spot near DeQuincy when he picked up movement. A buck eased through the woods out of range, but headed towards a ground blind Arthur had secretly camouflaged earlier.

Don’t forget to get an extra sack of crawfish for the barred owls.

Arthur shifted gears and headed for the ground blind to try to intercept the mature buck. He was beginning to cramp up late in the morning, but would not surrender. He was dead-set on hanging in there until 12 o’clock noon.

At straight up noon, the buck made his move and Arthur went into kill mode. He executed a sweet shot at 70 yards, and the rest is history. Many dedicated hunters would be napping by lunchtime, and also deer-less.

It is a good lesson for many hunters that patience can be the difference between a great 10-point buck or a scratch hunt. If you are on a good deer sign, trust your instincts and sit tight. It sure worked for Arthur.

It is that time of year when very stout bull redfish are on the feed. Bring along your heavy duty fishing gear and do not wear short pants. These big reds can destroy most equipment if you are not properly geared up.

Bryan Joubert was at the Cameron Jetties when a giant redfish ate his bait and headed south. Bryan was geared up and let the big red power through several hard runs. Later before sooner, with patience and a steady hand, he wisely played the red down. This big redfish rolled into the net and measured just over 40 inches. That is a lot of bull redfish.

Louisiana sportsmen are experiencing some late winter cold fronts with temperatures dipping into the 30s. These fronts will delay the fish spawning until the inevitable warming trend, and the spring spawn, officially begin. If you enjoy fishing, this is your time of year.

It is not legal to mount birds of prey unless you have applied for and been approved for a federal permit. Two large barred owls had set up in a local citizen’s yard. They had an acquired taste for crawfish, and who can blame them? The homeowner would set their crawfish outside and return indoors. When they knew the coast was clear, both owls would swoop down and manger (eat). Life is good in Louisiana.

The McNeese Cowboys’ basketball team has fought back from adversity. This is what these guys work so hard for. They have turned their season around after losing several nail-biter games they were in until the last minute. But through hard work and determination, they are on a roll. They have turned their season around in a big way. Local basketball fans appreciate their considerable efforts and support the team.

If you have not seen a game in their first class venue, get out and enjoy! It is a guaranteed first-class experience.

Hot off the press, this just in — McNeese men’s basketball: the Cowboys just beat Nichols to extend their winning streak to seven! Now we are having fun!

Go Cowboys!

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