A Super Marsh Buck

Rocke Fournet Thursday, January 23, 2020 Comments Off on A Super Marsh Buck
A Super Marsh Buck

It is a new year! It is hard to believe we just ushered in 2020, and it was prime time to make all your New Year’s resolutions. You can wipe the slate clean and start the New Year determined to make this one even better.

The previous year had some outstanding highlights for local sportsmen, so let us review a few:

Jake Smith with his Texas buck.


Jeff Smith and his No. 2 son Jake headed west to San Angelo, Texas. Their goal was for Jake to take his best buck, and they succeeded.

They made sure their rifles were zeroed in after the long ride out west.  Dad spotted, as Jake proved he could make the shot. He put his target practice to good use when the moment of truth arrived.

The buck had heavy mass and several broken tines from sparring with other bucks. He fit the bill as a mature buck, and was also Jake’s best deer to date.

Ryan Foret and his son Andrew enjoy their duck hunting time together. During a particularly slow period of bird activity, a healthy buck showed up. Dad gave Andrew the thumbs up, and that was just what he wanted. This hunt was on.

A super marsh buck provided the shot and Andrew was dead-on. His buck carried a nine-point set of horns that will sure look good on the young hunter’s wall. The old man could not stop smiling. The only thing that tops taking a nice buck is for your son to score.

Brian Boenig headed west to greener pastures near Alva, Okla. The bucks were frisky, with no shortage of well-kept scrapes dotting the countryside. Brian set up on a scrape line, and it did not take long to see results.

A heavy nine-point buck approached as he checked his scrapes in search of a hot doe. Brian made a sweet shot on a fine mainframe buck that rough-scored in the high 140-inch range. This buck made the drive home much more bearable.

Young Dylan Corbello was on a mission. He was somewhere on Lacassine Bayou with squirrel gumbo on his mind. He covered ground quietly until he saw movement in the trees. He closed the distance on a fox squirrel who had walnuts on his mind.

Dylan closed the deal with a well-placed shot that brought the squirrel to the ground. He decided to mount his prize instead of pot-roasting it. This way he can relive and enjoy the moment whenever he looks at his most memorable squirrel.

It is a brand new and hopefully improved year. It is a fine time to give thanks for our blessings and loved ones we cherish.

We have been blessed with up and coming grandkids who make us smile. It is great to be around youngsters who can entertain themselves, and are great to kiss and love up on. They make the simple pleasures of life worthwhile and satisfying.

We all gathered for Christmas and enjoyed one another’s company. There are plenty of distractions with which we can waste our time and efforts. The family time made possible by Christmas reunions is the essence of quality time spent together. Happy 2020 and may God bless!

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