Wild Goose Chase

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Wild Goose Chase

He would not say what bait he was throwing when he caught his biggest bass ever. This is a lesson that many fishermen have never adapted. It is human nature to want to share the whole story when relating your fishing success.

A divine moment: Will Pestello with his first-ever catch.

But as most fishermen will attest through experience, it is always best to fudge on the details. If you tell the honest story, it will inevitably come back to burn you. It is not necessary to out and out lie, but key details can be tweaked so as not to give out too much factual information.

Key factors to your successful fishing trip can be altered just enough to cover your bogus story. Seemingly, insignificant details can be changed to send your listeners on a wild goose chase. Pertinent details, such as location, time of day, and, of course, the magic bait you caught the fish with, must be altered so as not to give them too much useful information. 

When you’re queried about where you caught the fish, a simple “in the mouth” is direct and very vague but gets the questioner off your back.  Time of day can be easily maintained with a simple non-descript early or late. What bait is manageable with an out and out lie that should send them directly to the bait shop is search of a completely made-up bait. Get creative here and use your imagination. A double-lipped, sliver striped hawg bomber with a motorized hummer built in should keep them looking for days. It is fun, and the prospective angler listening to your gibberish will never forget you or your fishing story.

Remember, always lie or change enough details to throw your fishing buds off in the wrong direction. If you do not, you will pay the price.

How many times have you told the truth about your fishing success, and it came back to burn you? When you return to your honey hole, there is a crowd of anglers all chunking your secret bait. The fish are traumatized and develop a serious case of lockjaw. They have seen your favorite bait way too often and usually will not make the same mistake twice. That is when you realize it might not be the wisest decision to advertise all of the details of former successful trips. If you are blessed with a secret honey hole, might want to keep it that way.

At five years old, they are still innocent in their search for a productive fishing trip. Will Pestello, and his Dad, Nick, headed out to test Will’s luck as a rookie fisherman. To be honest, his Pa did not have a whole lot of hope in the small pond they chose. It was more of a sump hoe. But in no way did that dampen Will’s exuberance. He was glad just to be there and fishing with his Dad.

It was with high hopes that the fledgling angler cast out his favorite secret bait. And it did not take long before he was rewarded with some action. The youngster set the hook like a pro and fought his prized bass to the bank. And a fisherman is born!

It is a divine moment when kids catch their first fish. It is an experience they will always cherish and never forget. Their caring dads deserve a pat on the back for being their fishing mentors in this great sport. Happy fishing and hunting too!

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