Mom Shows How It’s Done

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Mom Shows How It’s Done

It felt like somebody flipped the switch. We went quickly from fairly comfortable to “wet with sweat” seemingly overnight. The heat wave is on, with daytime temperatures near 100 degrees, and then “cooling” off at night into the sultry 80s.

Carrie Godeaux with husband Tyler and children Jude and Annie posing with her south Texas buck.

This kind of heat can hurt you, so pick your spots for being active. Early and very late are the most bearable periods, and also the times when the fish become aggressive. From here on out, it is survival of the fittest. So pace yourself and do your best to be cool!

This is as good a time as any to go back in time to much cooler, more comfortable weather.

It was that special time that belongs to bow hunters. Leo Bourgeois had paid his dues to set himself up for an opportunity for a big Kansas whitetail. It was on!

He headed west for a possible encounter with a trophy buck. When these bucks go into the rut phase, it can be a sight to behold. The rutting behavior of deer is very entertaining, whether you harvest a buck or not.

Leo’s record of success was enough to keep him coming back for more. He had taken some good mature bucks, but not the one he had been dreaming of.

He timed it just right, and the bucks were chasing hard. It was a grand time to be a bow hunter in Kansas.  The trick was to stop the buck long enough to execute an accurate shot.

Every great once in a while, everything is right, and it all falls into place. A frisky doe was making tracks with a giant buck in hot pursuit. The buck charged in and suddenly stopped broadside of Leo at 12 yards. The buck was zeroed in on the doe, offering up a money shot and his last mistake.

This beautiful Kansas bruiser rough-scored 170 inches of horns with heavy mass and put a sure-enough smile on Leo’s face.

Now that we are on a roll, here is another cool winter hunting adventure from last year.

This was a genuine family affair.  Team whitetail consisted of Tyler (Dad) and Carrie Godeaux (Mom) with babies Annie and Jude in tow. The whole bunch packed up for the long-haul drive to Freer, Texas, near the Mexican border. This was the land of mesquite and very large whitetail deer.

Carrie was up with the chickens, but three-year-old Annie decided to sleep in. Carrie, who had already scored a buck last year, headed out the door in search of a muy grande south Texas buck.

The 200-plus pound buck stepped out at 50 yards and Carrie’s heart rate zoomed. She went into autopilot, very slowly shouldering her rifle and zeroing in the crosshairs. She squeezed off a round, and the buck was history.

Now that mom has had some success, she has become very popular. Both youngsters, and even Tyler, want to book a hunt with her next year!

Don’t forget to hydrate with liquids as the heat wave sets in. Stay cool and happy fishing!

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