Cajun Tales

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Cajun Tales

501 North Adams • Welsh, LA

Once a little train-stop town, downtown Welsh is still a cute little community that maintains its old-time feel. Free from major commercialization, it’s home to small businesses, the Welsh Greyhounds and the deeply rooted families and people who have created and maintained its appeal.  

Welsh is also home to a long-time restaurant, Cajun Tales Seafood Restaurant. I’ve driven by this restaurant several times, and, gauging by the steady amount of vehicles in the parking lot, they always appear to be doing well. So, I thought, why not give it a shot? It’s midweek, it’s lunch time, and I’m hungry. 

Walking up to the front door, I picked up the aroma. It was like good home cooking — comfort food. 

Once inside, I was greeted with friendly faces and shown to my table. 

You can tell the building has been around a while. The paint is thick from upgrades and changes over the years. There are hints of what was possibly diner style countertops. The place still maintains a welcoming feel.

The restaurant is fairly busy and is very popular with the locals. Some servers and diners were on a first name basis. In addition to the regulars, there are those who’ve ventured off I-10 for a meal. 

Cajun Tales offers a full menu, plenty of options, daily specials, weekly buffets, plate lunches, beer, wine and margaritas. The specials are always changing. I’d suggest following them on Facebook as restaurant staff are very interactive with uploading info. 

The special on the day I went was fried catfish with fries. That sounded perfect to me for a simple lunch. 

As the server took my order, it became apparent that a side salad was included. This was getting better and better. The salad was typical as far as a salad goes. 

Shortly thereafter, the fish plate made its way to my table. It was made up of French fries and strips of catfish dipped in a flour-based coating, fried and steaming hot, served with tartar sauce and lemon. My server checked on me several times during lunch to make sure all was well. There certainly wasn’t anything that needed to be attended to. 

To my surprise, warm apple cobbler topped off this “simple lunch.” That’s what home cooking is made of. 

The “simple lunch” was hitting on all points, and was more than I had anticipated. To be able to go into a restaurant and have a legitimate three-course meal, a friendly experience, really good food, and all for less than $10 — it’s hard to beat that. I was full when I left there. I know you’d enjoy it.

LIL’ COCHON’S • I-10 frontage Rd, Lacassine, LA

Chances are, you’re just as guilty as I am. You head east out of Lake Charles and just as you clear the Lacassine exit, you notice a solitary little cinderblock building off the side of the road. You keep telling yourself, I have to see what it’s about, and you forget about it until the next time.

While it may have looked inconspicuous on the outside, you’d be hard pressed to imagine the new renovations, additions and everything it has on the inside. It’s a very popular food stop.

Features include daily plate lunch specials, burgers, specialty take-home stuffed meats and exotics like rabbit, quail and frog legs. You can grab a beer and enjoy good food. 

Established in 2011, they’ve got a good thing going, and they’re calling the shots. The spot is open only on weekdays until 7 pm. Get in there and see what a lot of others have been keeping a secret.

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