Unforgettable Memories

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Unforgettable Memories

Head West young man!

The call was an invite to hunt whitetail deer in Texas. All Mike Miller needed to do was get himself to George West, Texas, for a shot at a lone star buck.

Mike Miller and his Lone Star State buck.


Mike, who is an avid bow hunter, sighted in his trusty rifle for a change, and this trip was on. Several good bucks had been sighted earlier, so hopes were high.

Just like clockwork, a mature buck showed up just on time, and Mike went on autopilot. With a smooth trigger pull, he put a sweet shot on the vitals, and the buck was down. This hill country buck had 12 countable points on chocolate colored antlers.  His big body matched his horns, and Mike was all smiles.

On the fishing scene, big bull redfish have been the story so far this early spring. There are not only good numbers of reds, but they are of the very extra-large variety. Adam Lacock and crew have been all over big redfish like white on rice. He and his first mate, his son Ryan, wore themselves out on some very productive trips already this year.

This trip they brought some backup with fresh arms. Ryan’s guest fisher-woman was none other than his dear mom, Jamie. She was raring to go and ready to hook up with a monster bull red of her own. Adam headed south to the Cameron jetties, and this trip was officially underway.

It did not take long before Jamie’s reel warmed up as a giant red peeled her drag. She held her own, as the fish showed very plainly why they are nicknamed “bulls.”

Adam and Jamie Lacock with son Ryan and some redfish beauties.


Jamie felt the redfish burn in her arms as the fish made several power runs. Her No. 1 son was all smiles. After a brutal throw down, Jamie guided her trophy bull into the net with burning biceps. The giant red measured 40 inches long and a whopping 23 inches in girth. This fish had not been missing any meals, and Mom was soon ready for a nap.

It was time for a fishing trip. Several local marshes had opened and a freshwater bass trip was imminent.

Drew Labove headed south to the Big Burns, and this trip was on. His fishing partner, young Camden Crum, was hoping to feel something stretch his line.

As the sun warmed the water, the fishing action began to heat up. Camden experienced a toilet-flush strike and set the hook. The fight was on, and there is nothing more exciting than a big bass in shallow water.

Camden kept his rod high and horsed the fish through the lilies as Drew cheered him on. The fish eventually tired, and Drew did the honors, lipping the fish.

Camden was ecstatic with his first bass, which he will never, ever forget. His marsh hawg was 20 inches long and a most beautiful sight!

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