Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Rocke Fournet Friday, February 8, 2019 Comments Off on Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

That hurt a lot! Our New Orleans Saints were just robbed of a chance to lead our great state and represent us in the Super Bowl. It happened on a no call, where the referees flatly refused to reach for their flags on a no-brainer pass interference play that effectively ended the Saints’ season. It was a shame to have to go out of the play-offs due to incompetent officiating. The play was ruled not reviewable because it was a judgment call. Say what?

Jody Moss, Chad Richard and Cooper Fournet

This is not to take anything away from the L.A. Rams, who played a great game. They still had to negotiate a 57-yard field goal to reach the Super Bowl. No easy task. But it should never have had the opportunity to occur. More power to the Rams. But what a shame for the Saints and all their dedicated fans.

This one will take a while to get over. But with Drew Brees at the helm, anything can happen. Who dat?

Local duck hunters just closed out the season, and for once, were glad to see it end. Louisiana’s many diehard hunters endured a season with mostly empty skies. It has arguably been the lowest population of birds to winter here ever!

With mild winter weather, the majority of birds were never pushed south, resulting in more than a few scratch hunts. Veteran hunting clubs with outstanding records of consistency were hard-pressed to keep from canceling hunts due to lack of birds.

Diehard hunters went through the motions, with not much to show for it. Local hunter Mark Dufrene said it best: “I usually go by myself for lack of action. I have coffee and a big breakfast before sitting in the blind, where there are no birds!”

Local hunters suffered through the season with lowered expectations. If you encountered a few targets, it could be chalked up as a good hunt.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and at least you didn’t spend a fortune on shotgun shells. Maybe next year.

Now that duck season is finis, freezing weather is in our forecast. Go figure!

If you were blessed to participate in a good hunt, at least you salvaged good memories of a productive outing. This is the stuff dreams are made of. It isn’t always quantity of birds; often quality is the key.      

Chad Richard, Jody Moss, and Cooper Fournet were hunkered down near Thornwell in a cut rice field. They were in search of the premier specklebelly geese. This would turn out to be a most memorable trip.

The specks cooperated and decoyed just like they were on a string.  This was one of those hunts where everything fell into place, and these big majestic birds cooperated. The hunters limited out early on high quality specklebellies, and will always be thankful for the memories.

McNeese basketball season is in full bore. Both men’s and women’s teams scored hard-earned victories just in time for the grand opening of their first-class arena. Both teams aren’t there yet, but are fighting to improve. There’s nothing like a few wins to add fuel to the fire.

Do yourself a favor and support these dedicated players and coaches. They certainly deserve some love for all their hard work. The new arena alone makes the trip worthwhile. Please support our Cowboys and Cowgirl athletes.

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