The Bucks Were Frisky

Rocke Fournet Friday, January 11, 2019 Comments Off on The Bucks Were Frisky
The Bucks Were Frisky

The first segment of hunting seasons is finis. Local hunters passed a good time for sure, and the best part is yet to come. Generally, as new birds head south, local hunting improves the second split.

Justin Martinez


Most waterfowlers had at least moderate success during the opening split. Though the quality of birds may be nothing to write home about, there were more than a few daily limits. Spoonbills and scaup fill out a limit, and are a sure way better than not getting to shoot your gun. We will take what we can get, and be grateful for lesser birds rather than none at all.

There were just enough specklebellies down to salvage a few rice field hunts in another slow first split. The good news is goose hunting should improve as more birds arrive in Louisiana’s rice fields.

That is young John Foret, II with his prized first bird, a blue-winged teal. This nine-year-old comes by his love of hunting naturally. He is the son of Adam Foret, and grandson of the late Dr. John Foret. Doctor John loved his duck hunting and pursued his passion with great gusto. The youngster’s love for this great sport is a natural, and a huge gift passed on by the old man.

John Foret, II


John II can look forward to many productive seasons and a great way to spend his leisure time. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Several Arctic fronts are currently bearing down on the south, and with them there is improved hunting. Reports have it that the Midwest states are short stopping much of our waterfowl numbers. As Old Man Winter sets in and freezes over, the birds then have no other choice than to head south.

With a brisk north wind, the bucks were frisky and so were the hunters. Juan Mestas headed to his favorite public wildlife reserve. He walked in, and sat down in a most comfortable lawn chair and kicked back. Juan was hunkered down in the middle of a pipeline when the buck approached. Just like clockwork, Juan put the hammer down on this awesome, mature, nine point. He made this deer-hunting look like child’s play.

There is nothing like your first bow kill. It’s exciting to be able to successfully score your first deer; it makes all the practice worth it. 

Justin Martinez was hunkered down near Tensas WMA and determined to sling an arrow. A healthy nine-point buck gave him the opportunity, and he made a primo kill shot.  Bucks like this make all the practice and attention to detail pay off.

Saltwater fishing action has been all about big redfish. There is nothing like a bull redfish to test your equipment and your arm strength. Big schools of reds are all over our saltwater estuaries, and provide local anglers a great thrill.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s a great time to give thanks for our many blessings, and be grateful for all the good bestowed upon us. Happy hunting and fishing!

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