The Cajun Sharpshooters

Rocke Fournet Thursday, December 7, 2017 Comments Off on The Cajun Sharpshooters
The Cajun Sharpshooters

It’s a grand time to be an avid sportsman in the Bayou State. Hunting season has opened in select areas, and the fishing action has perked up too. It can be a problem of picking your poison, as local sportsmen are faced with a good problem to have.

Local deer hunters Scott Cloud and Steven Bordelon set sail recently, inbound for the scenic Powder River in Montana. For guys who like to see beaucoup deer, this place is heaven-sent. The surrounding areas have big herds of mule deer and no shortage of the whitetail version. The numbers are phenomenal, and quite a sight to see.

Louisiana Boys invade South Dakota: TROY TRAHAN,

Both Louisiana boys scored heavy mule deer bucks and couldn’t shoot enough videos of the many deer. These trips are good for the soul of any deer hunter.

Local bow enthusiast Jeff Scarborough made his annual sojourn to big-buck Kansas and scored a Midwestern hoss. These corn- and alfalfa-fed bucks are giants in body mass and horns too. Jeff was all over them like white on rice. This buck had antlers with huge mass sitting on a bowed-up body that was very well-nourished.

South Dakota was recently invaded by a contingent of Cajun hunters armed and dangerous. Ring-necked pheasants were their quarry, and the birds were in deep trouble. These hunters had swung their shotguns a time or two, and all could shoot! It’s a prerogative to growing up in the great state of Louisiana.

There were plenty of beautifully plumaged birds to keep it lively. A flushing rooster will get your attention, and the Louisiana group was in focus. With cool temperatures and plenty of birds, this was truly a trip to remember.

The color patterns on these birds with their long, fan tails and lit-up heads was like some very ces’t bon gravy. Let the good times roll!

Heading up the Louisiana sharpshooters was T-Claude Devall, with back-up firepower provided by Cooper Fournet. God bless all Cajun sportsmen.

Michael Nunez didn’t have to travel far to score a whitetail buck worth mounting. He journeyed from Iowa, north to the piney woods of Rosepine. He pulled off a lethal shot on an eight-point Louisiana buck that made his day and made this hunt one he’ll never forget.

A cool front approaches, providing a great time to put your nose into the wind for some of Mother Nature’s very best. A change of season is upon us, and it feels way mo betta!

It’s that time of the year for saltwater fishing action to heat up, also. The birds have been working over the shrimp, with schools of speckled trout and redfish not far behind. It’s good to be living large in Sportsman’s Paradise. Go Cowboys!

Go McNeese State Cowboys!

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