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When golfers or fishermen compete against each other for prize money, it’s often called a dog fight. Our legislators are in a dog fight right now, and it ain’t pretty. It’s Republicans versus Democrats, north Louisiana versus South Louisiana, and pro-tax folks versus anti-tax people.

Who’s at fault for the mess we’re in and what can be done to get us out of it? First of all, to blame Jindal for everything is wrong. Granted, he liked to cook the books. But Gov. John Bell Edwards should have known what amount of red ink was facin him when he ran. But both, along with other elected officials, are pointin de finger at each other.

If, wit his 8 years in de House, Edwards couldn’t get a better handle on de state’s budget woes, den maybe he isn’t de guy to get us out of dis mess.

Meantime, John Kennedy, who bashed both Jindal and de Legislature for de last 8 years, must not have known de numbers either, because all he ever did was bash de expenditure by Jindal and House and Senate members.

So now de folks who got us in dis mess are saying, “We know how to fix it.” Dat’s about like axing a shop student to fix a NASA rocket. It’s de same old song and dance, and frankly, folks in our state are sick and tired uf both de Democrats and Republicans.

Az haz been de case for de last 8 years, our state iz quick to take money from health care and education — in udder words, hit ‘em where it hurts. Do dat, an de voters will support our tax next time.

I remember az a kid goin’ to de Senate floor an’ seein’ state senators punch it out on de Senate floor. Let’s hope our House and Senate members have learned sometin in 50 years. But me, I wouldn’t count on it.

Tell It Like It Is

Former state Rep. Vic Stelly wuz on KPLC follerin de statewide address by Edwards recently. Vic, like lots uf other folks in our state, iz now an independent, but wuz a Republican when he wuz in de Legislature. He pointed out dat he, Randy Roach and Tim Stine came in when little Buddy Roemer took office, and day all faced an $800 million short fall left by Edwin Edwards.

Dat wuz about de same amount Big John McKeithen had left Edwards in the red.  Stelly pointed out dat EWE fought dem and Roemer at every turn.

He says now it looks de Republicans are havin dar turn wit Jon Bell Edwards. Stelly pointed out dat de 1-cent sales tax dat iz being talked about would be anyting but short-term. When have you ever seen a tax done away wit? Here’s Rule One in politics folks … “Gubment will spend whatever it can an blame de udder guys for de mess it creates.”

Insult To Hard-Workin’ People

At least $8 million in pay raises wuz granted to state employees in dis budget year. Dat number will jump to $15 million in de next fiscal year, which starts July 1.

DOTD gave raises to 3,800 workers right prior to Jindal steppin down — while he wuz in Iowa runnin for president an tellin folks how he had balanced de budget.

State officials claim it’s a Civil Service ting to give 4-percent raises based on a good evaluation. How would you like to have a job or bidness where you wuz guaranteed dat kind uf increase every year come hell or high water? Dat’s why I say gubment iz like a paper shreader: de mo you feed it, de mo it will eat.

Crowded Field; Mo To Come

Carolyn Fayard, who’s well known in political circles in our state, haz announced she’s runnin in de U.S. Senate race to replace Sen. David Vitter.

When Mitch Landrieu resigned az Lt. Governor to run for mayor uf New Awlins, Fayard jumped into a race against Jay Dardenne for de second-highest office in de state. She spent a lot uf money an did OK for a first-time run. Now she’s back at it.

Republicans are jumpin in right an left: our congressman Charles Boustany, Treasury Sec. John Kennedy, Congressman John Fleming from Nort Louisiana an’ Bob Maness, a Tea Party candidate. Scott Angelle, who ran for governor last year, iz rumored to be yet anudder Republican considerin de race.

Fayard, we are told, iz countin on a limited number uf Democrats an lots uf Republicans. Dat would help her race. De only udder Democrats we’ve heard mentioned are Foster Campbell from Nort La. and Eric LaFleur from Ville Platte.

Angelle iz said to be runnin’ 9 percent ahead uf Boustany and Kennedy in de polls. Uf course, a lot uf dat iz because uf de “bump” he got from runnin’ for governor. Watch for lots uf money to be spent on dis one folks — by both in-state an out-uf-state folks.

Kickin Big Oil When It’s Down

President Obama sent hiz last budget to Congress recently; it calls for a $10 a gallon barrel on oil.

Talk about hittin em where it hurts. De oil bidness iz already hurtin bigtime az a result uf $30 oil, and now Obama an hiz climate change couillons want to tax folks.

Now me, like you, feel bad for dem fellers what work in de oil bidness who have lost dar jobs. But I can recall when oil wuz $110 a barrel an gaz wuz at $4 an dem big oil boys wuz yellin “supply an demand.” Well, now dar’s a buncha supply an droppin demand at a lower price.

Now dem big oil boys know de price is gonna come back. De question now iz how many workers will come back? Will day just tell de oil boys to “stick it”?

How Long Will Dis 15-Mont’ Project Take?

Robert Landry haz changed  plans for de old Sears Building property he purchased in 2013. We’ve seen Landry claim he wuz gonna  put a retail/residence set-up on de property. Now he’s changed his mind an’ iz plannin a project dat will cost a lot mo — like $18 million mo — an will feature apartments an parking space.

For now, Landry says he’ll start in December an de project will be finished in 18 months. We hope so. Many agree wit us dat dar are two real eyesores downtown: de old Sears lot an de old Harrah’s property. We hope both pieces uf property have somethin on dem soon an de casino garage iz torn down. Can you say, “Get off de stick”?

Iz Mallard A Done Deal Or A Dead Duck?

A coupla monts ago, Chennault announced it wuz gonna buy Mallard Cove and replace it wit annuder course somewhere else. De Mallard property would den be used to build anudder runway — which me, I see very little need for. But my pilot franz tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

At de time dat dis Mallard project wuz announced, de Chennault Board sed it wuzn’t goin to begin buildin a runway until a new golf course wuz opened. Now we read where boad members are sayin day don’t have de money for tearin down de course an replacin it. Me, I can tell you right now, if de city an Chennault try to refurbish Pine Shadows, sparks are gonna fly. First uf all, gettin to an from dat location iz a nightmare. Second, de Corbina road site would be so much better for golfers. Third, didn’t de boad members tink uf de cost uf destroyin an rebuildin when day first took up de issue? Gubment … go figger.

A Grand Mardi Gras

What a great Mardi Gras season we had dis year. Great weather; mo an mo beautiful floats dan ever; no trouble; one heck uf a party.

Me, I wuz amazed at de number uf folks from outta state dat wuz interviewed dat sed day didn’t want to go to New Awlins because it wuz too dangerous an’ came to de Lake Area instead.

Congratulations to de Mardi Gras folks, and tank you to all who worked so hard to make dis anudder successful year.

Deep Taughts While Watchin’ Politicians Go At It In B.R.

10) Tell me day ain’t gonna let dat New Awlins bunch sneak away wit all de bacon.

9) What would Edwin Edwards do if he wuz faced wit such money problems?

8) Ain’t it time for McNeese to get rid uf dar basketball coach?

7) Iz Andy gonna take me fishin at Toledo instead uf just sendin me pictures

uf hiz catch?

6) Where did T-Claude get de money to buy all dem crawfish? Or did he really

buy dem?

5) When iz Trump or dem udder candidates comin to Lake Charles?

4) Jus how good iz de McNeese baseball game goin to be dis year?

3) Iz my fran Max gonna take me to de McNeese-ULL game in Lafayette like

he  promised?

2) How many Astros games will I be able to work into my retirement schedule?

1) When will J.B. Edwards cancel Louisiana football? When donkeys fly?

Final Shot

I axed my fran Lefty why he went to Morganza for Mardi Gras. He sed he’d seen enough Mardi Gras. An besides, de catfish wuz bitin. Did he offer to share? You gotta be kiddin.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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