Rev. Sam Iz Political Guru

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Rev. Sam Iz Political Guru

I ran into Rev. Sam Tolbert recently, an he wuz politikin for Wilford Carter, an at the same time wuz workin on udder folks to endorse Carter.

I reminded him he wuz outta luck on dat one, afta what happened to council members Rutledge and “Elvis” Ieyoub afta day endorsed Dana Jackson, an he ran very poorly. De point bein dat udder folks dat are in office or tinkin uf runnin for office ain’t too comfortable bout endorsin anyone afta seein dat.

Now, Sam haz been politicin for candidates for a long time, but I don’t tink I have ever seen him as open az he iz for Carter.

We will soon see if “de Rev” haz de clout he once had. De election iz April 29, an you can check wit de Clerk uf Court’s Office to find out when an where you can vote, either early or on election day. You can also go to de clerk uf court website an get votin dates an pollin places without ever leavin de comfort uf your home.

An, to you folks dat have to vote for city council, I’m shore you are tired uf dem yard signs already. If you are, jus blame Rev. Sam.

Minaldi Interview Haz People Talkin

De appearance uf federal judge Patricia Minaldi in a KPLC interview on Friday, April 14, had, an still haz, folks askin why, an why now.

De “experts” at KD’s were all split. Uf course, everyone knew enough law to be teachin at LSU Law School. But de truth iz dat none uf dem know anyting udder dan what day read in de paper an sawed on TV.

In de interview wit Theresa Schmidt, Minaldi spoke uf her addiction to alcohol, an how she wuz fightin  it.

A suit wuz filed a few weeks ago by Minaldi’s friend, Kathy Kay, sayin dat Minaldi was incapable of handlin her financial affairs. Minaldi counter-sued, claimin dat she wuz able to handle her own affairs.

Durin de interview, Minaldi appeared to be unsure az to whether she would return to de federal bench after she finishes her rehab period. But jus in case she decides to step aside, which many feel she will do, lawyers are already politicin for de job.

Names mentioned include Clayton Davis, state Rep. Steven Dwight, Russell Stutes and James David Cain, Jr.

Like I tol folks Friday at Southern Spice, de phrase “act uf Congress’’ iz often used, but in dis case, it applies. It takes an act from de Senate Judiciary Committee, an a vote by de whole U.S.  House uf Representatives, to get de job.

An, likewise, it takes de same action to remove someone from de bench, unless day decide to step aside, which many suspect judge Minaldi will do.

In any case, it is sad to learn uf her dependency on alcohol, an I tink we speak for a large number uf people in our area when we say dat we wish her well.

Mo Elections

De Sulphur mayor’s race, comin up soon, will have plenty uf fireworks in it. Visitin at de Market Basket on Maplewood near my home recently, I learnt of a few mo folks dat are considerin getting into de race to beat Mayor Chris Duncan, who iz servin hiz third term.

Names we have heard so far are state Rep. Mike Danahay, who we would tink would be de favorite. Also, Police Juror Les Farnum, former council member Patricia Prebula, investment counselor R.K. Levens an current city councilman Stuart Moss.

In any case, it will be a tough fight for Duncan. He haz upset a lot uf folks, an dat will make hiz gettin a fourth term very difficult. We are lookin for dat race to have mo fireworks dan de 4th uf July. We will keep you posted.

Why Taxes Radder Dan Cuts?

Gov. John John’s tax reform package wuz dead before it wuz handed out to de legislators. Now dar iz a new twist, where de Democrats iz blamin de Republicans for cuttin too much, an de Republicans are blamin de Democrats for spendin too much.

De truth iz dat de Republicans can do a pretty good job uf blowin money demselves, an records show it.

Uf course, dem what can’t defend demselves will be de ones mos affected. De oil an gaz lobby will make shore dat dar interest iz protected. Highway contractors are trowin out numbers in de billions day say are needed to bring highways and bridges up to standard. Day are even mentionin de I-10 Bridge replacement in de deal. Well, we know dat dog ain’t gonna hunt.

Some legislators are proposin a 17-cent increase in de tax on gaz to pay for dem roads an bridges, an we know how dat will roll out, if de tax passes — dat’s right, New Awlins and Baton Rouge will get dose funds, an to hell wit de rest.

You may recall Gov. Buddy Roemer’s idea uf de TIMED program, which led to de four-lanin uf highways like 165 and 171. Well, de first projects in dat program were done in New Awlins, an de res wuz told to go to hell by dem New Awlins boys once day got dars.

But Randy Roach, who wuz den a state representative, an udder south Louisiana boys had a come-to-Jesus meetin wit dat New Awlins bunch, an demanded day continue puttin dar fair share into de kitty to fund projects.

De recent dip into de gaz tax money to pay state police retirement funds haz folks wonderin. It goes without sayin dat de state police fiasco in Vegas will enter into de picture when dem boys in Baton Rouge start debatin mo taxes on gaz.

Edwards Gets It

Me, I don’t ever watch C-Span, but my buddy who works for FEMA called me recently, an axed dat I watch Gov. John John, who wuz testifyin befo a committee in Washington about flood money for Louisiana.

Congressman Garret Graves, who wants to run against Edwards, wuz bein real ugly in his questionin, an den wuz seen handin questions to udder committee members who wuzn’t showin no respect to de governor, either.

While dat wuz goin on in Washington, AG Jeff Landry wuz suin Edwards — again — over $4 million uf drug settlement money dat Landry sez goes to hiz department, an Edwards sez should be in a general operatin fund.

Now we all know about Landry; he wuz de guy from New Iberia who beat Buddy Caldwell an started runnin for governor shortly afta he took over de office uf attorney general.

Graves iz de Republican who stayed wit Edwin Edwards in de race for Congress in de Baton Rouge area. An since dat East Baton Rouge area iz a breedin ground for Republicans, Graves boorayed Edwards bigtime.

Site Selection Sez Mo Nice Tings

De recent issue uf Site Selection Magazine called Southwest Louisiana de $117-billion region. The magazine points out dat we have $45 billion in projects underway, an anudder $72 billion comin.

Folks quoted in de story include Port uf Lake Charles director Bill Rase, who sez our port will be in de top 10 cargo tonnage ports in de next few years. Cameron Parish administrator Ryan Bourriague spoke about Cheniere at Johnson Bayou an Cameron LNG at Hackberry — projects totaling $30 billion — an also de $1.5-billon Port Cameron project, dat will employ 1,200 construction workers. We have mentioned dis project before, and know dis will put Cameron Parish back on de map.

Anudder Notch

Celebrity chef Emerald Lagasse always says “annuder notch” when he’s kickin up sometin he’s cookin wit a little more special seasonin, or maybe an extra handful uf garlic.

Well, we recently got annuder notch uf good industrial news when it wuz announced dat Lotte Chemical wuz movin its headquarters from Houston to Westlake. Lotte is a huge worldwide company, an day will build an office buildin here an employ  250 people, who will earn $80,000 a year or more. Now dat’s de kind uf news I like to hear. How about you?

Deep Taughts While Waitin For My Doctor

10) Which girl’s softball teams from dis area will make it to state championship?

9) How come my wife’s brudda from Lafayette eats three servins uf my crawfish

bisque before he criticizes it?

8) Why does my buddy Max always cheat when we play poker?

7) Does Max know dat I cheat when we play poker?

6) Iz our area ready for skeeters?

5) Why does my neighbor have to crank up hiz motorcycle at 5 am?

4) My fran Kevin promised me a sack uf crawfish, so I can make some bisque.

Will he keep his word?

3) Why does my mechanic shake hiz head every time I pull up wit my truck?

2) My buddy Snooky just left for a six-month job in Port Lavaca, Texas.

How long will he last?

1) Will McNeese baseball and softball teams make de national playoffs?

Final Shot

Lefy went to de Crawfish Festival at de Civic Center recently, an made a bet wit dis guy named Big Mo about who could eat de most boiled crawfish.

Lefty ate 24 pounds, which ain’t bad for a guy uf his size. Big Mo put away 48 pounds, an would have eaten mo, but day had to stop him when he wanted to sit on Lefty for not payin hiz bet.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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