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If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Outdoor sports are filled with second chances that give you a chance to redeem yourself. But you have to be dedicated enough to hang in there when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes the successful outdoorsman is the one who is just too stubborn to quit. Perseverance is a great quality, and it can be the difference-maker in all sports.

Kyle Lafargue is a 15-year-old baseball player who’s working his way up Kinder High School’s incredible ladder of sports success. In his spare time in the off-season, he loves his bass fishing.

Rocke-June 4

Strike one. Strike two. Kyle scores!

He hit a favorite local pond, and was enjoying a lazy day of chunking and winding. An unmistakably big bass strike rocked his world and the fight was on. He set the hook hard, getting his legs into it, and the giant peeled drag. After a tremendous fight, Kyle lipped the fish and took a moment to admire his biggest bass ever.

In the blink of an eye, the lunker bass shook hard and dislodged from Kyle’s death grip. The fish flopped once, and just like that, was long gone. It was akin to striking out in the ninth inning to end the game. It actually hurt, and fishermen everywhere feel his pain.

But as youth would have it, a week later, the youngster had fully recovered and was back at the pond, doing his thing. It was déjà vu all over again, as Kyle hooked into another hawg. This one likewise would bump up his personal best fish ever record. After playing the bass down, he latched onto the lower jaw with a vice grip and a big smile on his face. Nothing like a second chance!

It was deer season and Jan Roberts was in her element. She was hunkered down in her box blind near Sonora, Texas. It was a special day, with her 16-year-old-grandson hunting in a blind not far away. She only hoped he would see some deer and enjoy their hunt together.

A rifle shot nearby answered her prayers, and she fumbled for her phone. She began to text frantically when a second shot rang out.

Now Jan’s phone began to light up with the news she wanted to hear. Her grandson had muffed the first shot, but sat tight, and the buck came back. The buck was hot on a doe and had one thing on his mind. The second shot the deer presented was even closer than the first and was all the second chance this young hunter needed. His grandma was happier than if she had pulled the trigger herself.

There’s nothing better than when a local athlete succeeds. Jace Peterson worked his way through the ranks of Hamilton Christian and was also a standout baseball player at McNeese State. Jace is currently doing his thing for none other than the Atlanta Braves. He is currently leading off, and absolutely tearing the cover off the ball. He’s playing great in the big leagues and living the dream. He won a recent game with the Giants with a two-out ninth-inning triple.

It’s great to see a local athlete succeed on a national stage that there’s a top level of competition for. Jace has worked for it, and serves as a great role model for up and coming athletes.

The Lake Charles area baseball community has suddenly become Braves fans! Go Braves!