The Benefits Of Competition

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 15, 2013 0
The Benefits Of Competition

A change is going to come. It’s a great time of year to be living large in Louisiana for a number of good reasons.

Though it’s not over, the relentless heat we’ve been baked by this summer should be loosening its grip in the near future. A timely September cool front would be welcomed with open arms.

The opening of archery season next month will provide a good reason to stretch your legs in the great outdoors.  Don’t forget the bug juice and a sweat towel.

Beaucoup early season teal should be en route to Louisiana’s marshes and rice fields right now. They’ll find beaucoup rice fields, and hopefully, a little water to satisfy all their needs. When they arrive it’s a sure thing the seasons are changing. Don’t forget the daily bag limit has been upped to six birds, so bring plenty of ammo.

The school bell has rung and all the children will get back to new and exciting schedules. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief and thank God for peace and quiet. It’s only temporary, but you’ve earned it. It’s a good break for parents and children alike.

Southwest Louisiana was very well represented this season by a group of girls who didn’t let any grass grow under their feet this summer. These all-stars competed in fast pitch softball against the cream of the crop at the 2013 USSSA World Series in Alabama.

This is the flip side of the bad rap that’s sometimes erroneously put on today’s youth. With the internet, video games, cell phones and air conditioning, today’s young athletes have many options to choose from, none of which involve the physical pain of competing and enduring the oppressive heat.MM pic 081513

There’s no better way to improve your game than competing against the best. These girls brought their A game, showing the rest of the country what they’re made of. There’s nothing that compares to learning the essentials of teamwork and win or lose, walking away knowing you gave it your all.

Our girls sweated through a steam bath tournament and registered some great successes on the national softball scene. Representing southwest Louisiana, the 10-year-olds fought their way to a second-place finish. The 12-year-olds finished a very respectable seventh place. The 14s sweated out a second-place trophy, and the 16-year-old group brought home the gold with a clutch performance and a first place finish.

These coaches and players deserve all the recognition the fans can muster for their sacrifices. They’ll always cherish their accomplishments, making the hardships of competition well worth the effort.

The benefits of athletic competition are too innumerable to mention here. But there’s no better feeling of accomplishment and self-worth when you compete and excel against the best in the good old USA.

These girls have set themselves up for success. A few will have the opportunity to compete at the next level, but all will benefit from the experience. They’ve made Louisiana sports fans proud.

It’s football season, and anticipation, as usual, is at a fever pitch.  Our hats are off to our local warriors, who are donning the pads in triple-digit heat. They will be applauded and cheered on by appreciative fans for all their blood, sweat and tears. Good luck, and support your favorite teams with your presence.