Thanks, Paw!

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Thanks, Paw!

The wind is currently pushing from the north, with lows hovering around 55 comfortable degrees. It’s been a long time coming, but Old Man Winter has finally arrived. Another cool front is en route from the west, and it’s a cool time for a light jacket. Thank you, Lord, for small favors.

Darrell Cryer’s deer.


Sportsmen everywhere are grateful for a respite from the heat and mosquitoes. All of a sudden, it feels great to get out and enjoy Mother Nature’s finest. It’s been a brutally hot summer, and with beaucoup rainfall, the mosquito population has flourished, a la Louisiana!

These cool fronts aren’t coming a minute too soon with hunting seasons approaching. A few select areas have already kicked off the season with a bang. This is a favorite time of year, so enjoy it.

Darrell Cryer didn’t waste any time scoring his first buck of the year at the Wildlife Management area known as Peason Ridge. It was the opening of the muzzleloader season, and he was duly sighted in and ready. This is why you practice target shooting.

A big-bodied buck approached Darrell’s stand, and it was show time. He leveled down and made an accurate shot on a mature buck. The buck sported 10-point antlers, and from the look of his body, had not been missing many meals. It’s a great way to start out a new hunting season and get off on the right foot.

Shannon Howard’s mounted deer.

Check out Shannon Howard’s monster Kansas buck he scored last hunting season. This buck explains exactly why local hunters head west each year. This is a lifetime buck and then some. This is why we hunt!

Shannon made a sweet shot with his bow and arrow, and the buck did not travel far. The big buck scored in the high 160 inches of bone and made the drive back way more bearable.

Melanie Pinder’s Paw Paw offered to pay for her mounted redfish, and now all she had to do was catch one. She was working the Calcasieu River for a red suitable for mounting when it all came together near the location of the old icehouse.

She set the hook hard and was about to cash in on her best-ever birthday gift. She gamely played the fighting red down, and he definitely qualified as a mounter. Her birthday red was 29 inches long and weighed more than 12 pounds.

Paw Paw was never so happy to make good on his promise and foot the bill for her trophy bull redfish. Happy birthday, happy fishing, and thanks, Paw!

The change of seasons is upon us, and it’s a great time to be a Louisiana sportsman. It’s prime time to get out and soak up the fall hunting season.

Football fans have no excuse not to get out and show their appreciation for their favorite team. Coaches and players have been hard at it, honing their game since August. Pay the price for admission and show some support for all their efforts. It’s the best thing you can spend your money on. You will be glad you did.

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