Share Your Summer Fun

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Share Your Summer Fun

It’s time for a change in season. School has started, and, mercifully, football season is kicking off soon. The days are getting dark earlier, and everyone is looking forward to the first Pacific cool front. Let the games begin!

Emory and his giant bull frog

Fourteen-year-old Dalton Peveto had himself a great summer. He’s a freshman in high school, and vying for the point guard position for the basketball team.

Dalton and his grandfather, Bobby Cloud, were enjoying a lazy summer day on Toledo Bend. The fishing action was slow, so Dalton decided to shake things up. He had never fished a jig before, so now was the opportune time.

With all the exuberance of a teenager, he flipped the jig and immediately felt the unmistakable thump of a big fish pick-up. He set the hook hard and played his first jig-lunker bass.

A small slice of heaven! Introducing Nora Kate and Evelyn Grace Byrley. Proud parents are Kyle and Lindsay

The fish weighed in at 6.56 pounds. You can bet it won’t be Dalton’s last foray into the art of jig fishing. He is a natural!

Caleb Young enjoys his leisure time in pursuit of marsh bass. He earns his down time, and as a Lake Charles police officer, deserves it. He was chilling in the Big Burns recently and just happy to be there.

An explosion in the lily pads rocked his world, as he reacted with a downtown hookset. This Burns hawg weighed in at 7 pounds and was just what the doctor ordered.

It has been a hot year for the Young brothers. Kyle followed his brother’s lead and headed to the Burns. In no way could he have foreseen what was about to transpire. As he beat the shallow water for a bass bite, a huge fish engulfed his spinnerbait. Kyle laid into the fish as the water came alive.

It was a giant school of redfish on a feeding frenzy. The fight was on as the big red peeled his drag.

Dalton Peveto and his 6.56-pound bass

When the smoke finally cleared, Kyle had a sore arm and a handful of mangled spinner baits. His best redfish weighed in at more than 17 pounds. It simply does not get any better!

There isn’t much good that can be attributed to a hurricane, but that’s the natural phenomenon that displaced redfish into the freshwater marshes of the Burns years ago. Go figure.

It’s time for Friday night lights and a return of football season. Louisiana ranks high in the country for hardcore football and always has. Fans are entertained with first-class programs that put on a great show. It takes a ton of practice and effort to prepare a team for the magic moment when they turn on the stadium lights. Get out and support your chosen team, and cheer them on. They deserve your support.

It’s time for school and time to share your best summer fun.

Check out Emory, who tagged along with “Pops” John Stacy for an exciting night frogging trip. That’s Emmy putting a vise hand grip on a giant bull frog. Only in Louisiana.

The other picture is of the adorable twin daughters of proud Papa Kyle Byrley. Just for the record, their grandpa Jeff has offered unlimited babysitting services. Grandpa and a set of twins and this could be a recipe for future Lagniappe articles!

Go McNeese and support the Cowboys!

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