Gear Up For Spring Fishing

Rocke Fournet Thursday, March 16, 2017 Comments Off on Gear Up For Spring Fishing
Gear Up For Spring Fishing

If you’re waiting for spring fishing to get kicked off, you’ve been left in the starting blocks. With a mild winter and good water levels, some good fish have already been caught. The elements of an outstanding fishing season are all in place. Now, it’s left up to the fishermen to do their part.

The hunting season is finished. So it is time to gear up for spring fishing. Here’s a feel-good story that capped off a great Louisiana hunting season.

With this picture of Coy and Baylor Waggoner, we say good-bye to the 2016 hunting season!

Ryan Monceaux was at the helm when the outboard motor began to miss. He cleaned the prop, but was still unmistakably losing power. He and his hunting crew were in a vast marsh area south of town and in deep trouble.

The wind howled and the waves began to build as the motor shut down. This could very quickly become a nightmare over-nighter emergency. Ryan manned the cell phone, and sent out the SOS.

Hunting not far away was Chris Khoury and crew, so Ryan dialed him up. Chris answered on the first ring; he just happened to be in his blind. He received pinpoint directions and was coming to the rescue.

He arrived in no time, and towed Ryan and crew in to the launch. Never was a group more grateful. This situation could have gone terribly bad in a very brief time. Khoury was just glad to have been able to assist. If you hunt long enough, sooner or later, you’ll be faced with a similar situation.

On arrival home, Ryan knew exactly what to do. His righteous Louisiana upbringing taught him the right way. He footed the bill for a rack of prime ribeyes he sent to Chris as a small token of his appreciation.  Khoury fired up the grill and the rest is history.

Both Ryan and Chris honored this momentous trip with a ceremonial spoonbill mount. These birds will always remind these die-hard water fowlers of the reason we hunt.

This is but one of the many reasons to be loving hunting in the Bayou state. Anyway, it’s time to store the hunting gear and enjoy some spring fishing.  We’re blessed to be living in a very fishermen-friendly state. Louisiana offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. We have access to a tremendous variety of fresh and saltwater species of fish.

There are beaucoup varieties of styles of fishing available to one and all. Anglers nowadays have many choices when it comes to ways to spend their leisure time. Whether you’re a perch-jerker or trophy bass fishermen, there’s a place for you. Whether you’re a cut-bait mixed bag of salt-water fisherman or a big-sow speckled trout angler, Louisiana is your spot.

It was a balmy, unseasonably warm day on Toledo Bend. Chris McDonald went on point after the unmistakable thud of a big bass pick-up. He set the hook from his toes up and embedded it solid. The fish headed south, peeling drag as she made a power run. Chris played her in patiently, and netted an eight-pound, ten-ounce Toledo hawg. Not a bad way to start a great spring fishing season!

There are some exciting things going on in the Lake Charles area. There’s a crowded field posting up for the mayoral race. There are some quality candidates lining up to take over the reins from Randy Roach, who deserves a pat on the back for his years of first-class leadership.

McNeese is in the process of selecting a new president, with some outstanding candidates showing interest.

Get out, support your favorite candidates and exercise your right to vote.

God Bless Louisiana and happy fishing!

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