The Moment of Truth

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The Moment of Truth

It was a wonderful Christmas, and very typical of Louisiana. With temperatures in the ‘80s and high humidity, this was a vintage Cajun Christmas. While they’re digging out of the snow up north, we were passing the iced tea and cranking up the air! This is a very special place to live.

It’s always nice to go out in style. It was going to be Matt Moss’ last weekend as a single entity in this world. He would be standing at the altar the next weekend, so it was time to go deer hunting.

As fate would have it, Matt put the smack down on a slick 10-point very typical of a Mississippi buck. This buck’s antlers were 141 inches. It was most likely a descendant of a giant Matt harvested there previously. It was a fitting occasion and a buck worth a lifetime of memories.

Kali Tate

Kali Tate

The Tate family was strategically set up on a large alfalfa field somewhere in the heart of Kansas. Troy (Dad) was just hoping some lucky family member would pull the trigger. He got his wish.

His daughter Kali, a freshman at St. Louis High, put the hammer down on the sort of bowed up buck Kansas is famous for. She had prepared for the adrenalin rush with more than a few practice rounds. She squeezed off an accurate shot when the moment of truth arrived.

In the photo, you’ll see her best buck putting a perpetual smile on her and Dad’s face.

The next day on the same field, text messages began to light it up as multiple shooter bucks stepped out. Several bucks were in the mature monster class, and Dad was getting a bit antsy.

Wife Jill had a giant in the crosshairs, but didn’t feel comfortable with the distance, so she left it on safety. Troy’s only advice was, “Shoot!” Mom backed off, but was sure enjoying the view.

It was a sight to behold. The field was full of deer, and numerous bucks were in the once-in-a-lifetime category.

The Tate family didn’t fire a shot, but none will ever forget this wonderful hunt. Kali had scored her best buck ever the day before, making this a surefire success. It just goes to show; the great sport of hunting isn’t all about harvesting a deer. There is way more.

Those giant bucks that walked away that day will survive and serve as the impetus to keep the family coming back for more next year. This will give Troy something to dream about in the off-season. And this is why we hunt.

Jake Smith

Jake Smith

That sure felt good. The McNeese men’s basketball team beat the Tulane Green Wave in New Orleans. Man, did we need that. It’s all about hanging in there and scrapping for all your worth and letting the chips fall where they may.

This team earned a little reward for all their hard work. Coach Dave Simmons needed something to make him smile. Keep grinding and improving. Go Cowboys — and the scrappy Cowgirls too!

The Smith recon team packed up and headed west, destination San Angelo, Texas. Captain Jeff was designated chief intel, with son Jake the assigned shooter. With Jeff behind the binoculars as spotter and Jake the 100-percent lookout, no deer would escape detection.

A long-horned six-point buck wandered into the kill zone, and it was game on. Jake went on point, leveling down on his best buck ever. He even blood trailed and found his buck without the Captain’s assistance. Not too shabby for an 11-year-old.

Happy New Year!

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