T-Doug’s Cajun Cuisine

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T-Doug’s Cajun Cuisine









You would think getting two couples together for dinner would be easy, but when you’re both very active in two completely different worlds, it’s not. After a couple of years of failed attempts, finally, the planets aligned.

Our good friends Jessica and Curt LaCroix set the date and time and we converged on a restaurant I’ve been waiting to try longer than I’m willing to admit. When T-Doug’s Cajun Cuisine opened their doors, Doug and Jennifer Schysm wasted no time in showcasing their love for Cajun cooking and celebrating good ol’ American beef with their popular Thursday and Saturday steak nights; it’s been calling me ever since.

We agreed to meet early to avoid the possibility of the steak being sold out before we ordered. The adorable country farmhouse curb appeal was carried throughout an inviting interior.  At first glance, we thought we made the right decision as several diners were occupying several tables throughout the dining room.

Hannah welcomed our party, as our personal festivities began. With our table agreeing on several options, we decided to order appetizers as a group and share. We started passing the assortment of appetizers around the table as quickly as they were placed on the table. A hot order of french fries smothered in a flavorful crawfish étouffée was our unanimous favorite. The delicious fried green beans and tangy battered pickles were devoured between the variety of conversation topics.

We were tucked away in a corner, but Hannah never let us go without. As the four of us cut up in laughter, and caught up on life’s events, Hannah made sure each and every one of us had what we needed. As the minutes flew by, it was time to order entrées. Jessica chose an amazing fish Atchafalaya and Shyla ordered fried fish and fried shrimp with hush puppies.

Now, I might be a little biased, but I have to gloat on the entrées that Curt and I ordered. Hannah placed in front of us two stunning cuts of beef. At first impression, the steaks were wide and not ashamed to take up most of the platter. The cross hatched grill marks had textbook perfection sear, with a first cut revealing a tender and juicy color. The crawfish étouffée was oozing into the void from the cut removed.

The portions were generous, and it would have been a foolish idea to finish everything in front of us and leave no room for dessert. To finish the evening on a sweet note, the homemade bread pudding was centered on the table with spoons distributed amongst the four of us.

The long-anticipated visit to T-Doug’s was well worth the wait and all the hype that came before it. Hannah was more than accommodating during our three-hour stay. She was a true asset, and she made our night that much more enjoyable.

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