It’s Been One Heck Of A Year

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It’s Been One Heck Of A Year

First responders in our state have had one heck of a year. Between state troopers being murdered and floods uf Biblical nature, dem dat are first to get to a site uf tragedy have seen it all. In just de last week, we’ve seen record floods in our area, an learned uf de death uf yet anudder police officer dat started out az a routine traffic stop.

Of course, we are talkin about Shannon Brown, a Fenton police officer, who passed away after being hospitalized for injuries he received while writin a routine traffic ticket on Hwy. 165 a few days before.

In de meantime, law enforcement, fire and rescue people continue to help de people who saw record rainfalls in our area, and more so to de area to de east uf us.

Now, we all know dat policemen, firemen, national guardsmen, ambulance drivers, sheriff’s deputies an state police are not paid nearly enough for de work day do. So, next time you see one uf dem, shake dere hand an thank dem for their hard work; an if you see dem at a restaurant, pick up the ticket for dar lunch or breakfast. Just imagine where we would be without dem hard workin men and women who risk dar lives every day for us.

Now, Shannon Brown’s death will not get de national publicity dat de shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas have received, an dat makes it dat much mo important dat we keep Shannon in our prayers.

A Great Show Uf Faith An Sympathy

Bein a news junkie, I always record “CBS Face the Nation” dat airs Sunday mornings. It wuz refreshin to see a live Catholic mass in de Channel 10 studios replacin de CBS news show. Bishop Doug J. Deshotel officiated de ceremony for a small studio audience, an no doubt a small tv audience. But it showed dat de diocese is thinkin uf all de flood victims in our area. Well done, Bishop Deshotel.

Folks Not Pleased Wit Goodman Rd. Project

De number uf mobile homes in a proposed mobile home park off uf Goodman Rd., better known az de old Pine Shadows golf course, haz gone from 900 spaces to 300, but folks in dat area say dat’s still too much.

Home owners in dat area have met several times ahead uf zoning board meetings to consider de request. Residents say safety iz dar main concern, wit de only way out uf de park bein a single lane road. A large subdivision wit lots uf school age children across from de ol golf course means mo safety concerns for parents.

Now, az haz been mentioned before, zoning approval iz jus one step in getting “man camps” like de one proposed here bein built. In fact, de developers have sed dey wouldn’t mind providing property for a park if de parish agrees to maintain it.

We have seen wonderful parks developed in udder sections uf our parish, so why not a park for de children in dat area? Dar will be mo hearins on dis one befo anyting iz settled.

Will Lightnin Strike Twice In De Senate Race?

Democrats are hopeful dat lightnin will strike twice, an dey will end up wit a U.S. senator az well az governor by de time de Senate race iz over.

De national Democratic party, az unusual, iz sittin on de sidelines an waitin until de Nov. 8 race to see who will be left standin. Wit 24 candidates, folks have a whole bunch to pick from.

Me an my buddy Max went to a recent Republican roundtable to hear a few uf de candidates. Present for de event wuz our congressman, Charles Boustany; congressman John Fleming, whose district comes all de way down to Ragley, even though he’s from Minden, just off I-20 in North La.; Bob Maness, a Tea Party candidate who ran for governor and finished fourth; and Abhay Patel, a New Awlins bidnessman.

Maness sounded mo like a fiery preacher dan a candidate. De udders were pretty much low key, an dey all bashed Obamacare.

It’s a tough haul, wit 24 candidates in de race. Polls show Treasury Secretary John Kennedy leadin. An, dependin on which poll you look at, a mixed batch is runnin second. Carolyn Fayard, a Democrat, shows well in de polls. Early on, Gov. John Bel Edwards endorsed Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

Several New Awlins heavyweights are in de race, an dat could split dat vote an keep Fayard out. An de national money dat comes in from Clinton an Trump could influence dis senatorial election. National news folks have called our state a Republican state already, but tings can change, and in Louisiana politics, dey usually do.

An We Have A Congressional Race, Too

Also attendin de aforementioned Republican Senate roundtable wuz congressional candidate Brett Geymann from Moss Bluff.

Since our congressman, Charles Boustany, iz runnin for de Senate, we have several dat have trown dar hat into de race for de District 3 congressional seat. Scott Angelle, de public service commissioner who ran for governor, iz leadin in polls. Also in de race iz Clay Higgins, who wuz a hit on de Internet doin Crimestoppers messages on KATC TV. Once again, it’ll be a race to de las man standin.

An A Supreme Court Race, Too

You probably been seein dose tv spots for Jimmy Genovese, who’s runnin for de Supreme Court seat from District 3. He will be facin Judge Marilyn Castle from Lafayette. She haz not yet hit tv, but iz shore workin hard campaignin trewout her district. She, too, wuz at de roundtable, sittin wit political heavyweight Steve Jordan.

He’s At It Again

Attorney General Jeff Landry iz at it again. Reports out uf Baton Rouge show dat he hired de daughter uf a key endorser in his recent race for attorney general — lookin past her criminal record. He also tried to get a state car an claim mileage at de same time. Jay Dardenne called him out on dat one.

Both uf dese incidents are just de latest in de battles between Landry an Edwards an Dardenne. Folks say dat Landry iz positionin himself to run against Edwards in 2019. If dat iz de case, he shore iz goin about it de wrong way, fightin several district attorneys on de coastal erosion case, an now dem two claims. Edwards haz sed Landry iz testin hiz boundaries.

Polls Show Edwards Holdin His Own

Despite havin been forced to raise taxes, cut gubment services, an oversee a month uf racial unrest an tragedy in Baton Rouge, Gov. John John appears  to be doin well in de polls. A recent University uf New Awlins poll shows him wit a favorable rating uf 49 percent. Dat’s not bad, considerin what he haz had to face.

He took over a state dat wuz drownin in debt, an in which education an de poor an needy had been neglected. He acted fast, and in a manner dat wuz not very popular wit some, but it had to be done.

Shore, he made some mistakes, but he wuz willin to listen, an he altered his attack on de tremendous debt dat Bobby Jindal had left him. Nobody likes taxes, but Edwards had to do it, to overcome de huge deficit dat Jindal had left him.

Den dere were the shootings in Baton Rouge, and de floodin. What more in de way uf tragedies could Edwards have to deal wit? Like him or not, he appears to be rightin de ship, an gettin our state headed in de right direction.

Saddle Up, Cowboys An Cowgirls

Wit de UL-L vs. McNeese game jus a few short weeks away, it’s time to remind you to get your tickets for what will be a great season. Wit a new coach an lots uf new super talent, de Cowboys are gonna go places, an  you can be part uf it.

My fran Max an I encourage folks to wear blue and gold on Fridays durin football season. But we wear blue an gold every day. Support your Cowboys!

Deep Taughts While Watchin De Fox Bidness Channel

10) Can dey go 10 minutes on dat Fox News Channel without mentionin

Donald Trump?

9) Iz LSU ready to end up better dan dem polls what show dem finishin sixth?

8) Do you need a pair uf legs like Jennifer Lopez to be a reporter on Fox News?

7) Iz T-Claude tellin de truth when he sez he’s Donald Trump’s campaign

manager for Calcasieu Parish?

6) How long will it take for dem flood victims to recover?

5) Will Buster take me to dat dove hunt like he promised last year?

4) Can de Houston Astros climb back into de American League race after

slippin just a bit?

3) Will de Saints start off good wit a win against de Raiders?

2) How come my broker haz never heard uf dem stocks day mention on de

Fox Bidness Channel?

1) Why all de shootins in de Lake Area?

Final Shot

Lefty took hiz English bulldog, General, to a Houston Astros “bring your dog” day.  I axed him how General did. Lefty sed not too good. It seems General fell in love with a poodle an bit two security guards.

Until nex time, lache pas la patate.

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