Blessings Of Age

Pierre Fontenot Friday, March 3, 2023 Comments Off on Blessings Of Age
Blessings Of Age

Inside of a hydrangea. Our lives are so intricate, truly no two alike. Humanity is its own imperfect Garden of Eden, and there we are, included within it.

When you’ve seen the world move right along

After burying people who are better than you 


When you are old enough to be humble

About ever being alive 

And still being alive…


…no, you didn’t cure the common cold,

Or even invent the paper clip, 

But God gave you a spot anyway,

And let you stay around a while…


If now – better late than never – 

You are in awe of the gift of life, and 

Ask yourself, who am I, to ever have it,

Then you are blessed.


If ambition has given way to contentment

If you’ve done good, in secret


If you did so many things wrong,

But got it right, towards the end


If you have one friend,

From way back when 


If you were on sacred duty, 

Served an elder, in their decline

If you’ve been there, at the last heartbeat,

With nothing left unsaid, and unfelt

Then you are blessed.


If you look back on the worst of the worst,

The bad hurt, you thought would never heal

All the way, or fast enough

To find that it did heal, 

And with purpose,

Then You are Blessed

And double blessed 

To realize it


If when you think heaven,

You think reunion


If the second thing you want to do in

Heaven is thank your parents

Then you are blessed.


If you know who you are

And truly don’t know anybody like you


If hard times proved that 

You come from good stock,

If you wouldn’t trade your raising,

Or them who raised you


If you ever wiped a tear when 

They played Taps at a funeral


If you guard yourself from anger

If your primary emotion is love

If you deal with people as they are


If you don’t settle for rationalizations

Over truth


If once a year, you cry, and feel real


If all your children ever get right

Is being right about Jesus


If ever a butterfly has ever flirted with you,

If you prefer baby giggles over chocolate

If you have one place in your life

Where love belongs


If an animal ever adored you

If a child ever crawled into your lap

If your last dying word starts with a J…


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