An’ In Oberlin, Too

Pierre Sez Thursday, October 16, 2014 0
An’ In Oberlin, Too

We read anudder story recently whar petty small town politics had been goin’ on. Dat wuz in de case uf de mayor uf Oakdale, Rick Smith, who had been cleared uf all sorts uf claims made by local opponents who couldn’t beat him at de ballot box.

Dar rumors caused de state police to investigate. An’ day fount nuttin’, so Allen Parish D.A. Todd Nelson sed dat all charges against Smith had been dropped.

Now, Smith had resigned an’ had hiz name drugged in de mud by dem so called concerned citizens. He issued a statement sayin’ he had tried to work wit’ council members but it wuz impossible.

Folks, dis type uf small town politics iz startin’ to rear its ugly head way too often in our area. We saw it in de case uf de superintendent uf Cameron Parish Schools, who resigned. We pointed it out in Westlake wit’ Lonnie Smart, dat we mentioned in our las’ article.

Dis type uf stuff ain’t good for de communities involved, an’ it stops progress. It’s time for it to stop.


Mailboxes Full Already

We sawed in de paper whar some  so called political experts are predictin’ an all-out war between Mary and Bill if dar’s a runoff for de U.S. Senate. An’ a recent poll shows dat will be de case. Mary haz 38 percent, Cassidy has 50 an’ a whole bunch is undecided and de Tea Party candidate Mannis is at 6 percent.

De experts are sayin’ we will see TV ads like we ain’t never seen before, wit’ money pourin’ in from all ova de country.

Already de NRA iz sendin’ out mailers an’ buyin’ TV ads sayin’ Mary iz gonna take away our guns. Now, we know dat she ain’t gonna do dat, but it makes for good politics.

She’s sayin he is gonna cut aide to veterans. Again we know he ain’t gonna do dat. But both keep sendin stuff in de mail sayin’ dar opponents iz no good for Louisiana.

De election iz Nov. 4. Dat’s right around de corner, so get your trash can ready for when you check your mail. Lots mo propaganda from candidates both federal and local is headin’ your way.


Honoré In Mossville Again

We sawed in de news recently dat former Army Gen. Russell Honoré wuz in Mossville again sayin’ dat de folks wanted to preserve de community an’ Sasol wuz tryin’ to force folks out. De truth is, folks are bein’ offered very good prices for dar homes, an’ de residents know it.

But az Huey Long once sed, we need to get to de crux uf de matter — de lick log. Folks in Mossville by and large want to stay dar cause about once a year day get paid for releases from de industries and day don’t want to lose dat money. Some even go so far az to call it dar “Christmas money.”

In his visit, Honoré sed people uf Mossville wanted to stay where day are an’ mind dar own bidness. Maybe Honoré should stay in New Roads where he’s from an’ mind HIZ own bidness.


School Boad Races Catchin’ Attention

We see lots uf signs for school boad member candidates all over de place. Me, I’ve talked to several who are runnin for de first time an’ day all say it’s been an experience day hadn’t expected.

First, de cost uf signs and cards etc. iz a lot mo dan day had planned. An’ de physical demands uf goin’ door to door, which iz de only way to run dat kinda race, haz been lots mo dan day expected.

But all uf dem I’ve spoken to say day feel good when someone day don’t know ax for one uf dar signs to put in dar yard or in front uf dar bidness. Grassroots politics … dar ain’t nuttin like it.

Folks, when you see one uf dem candidates, whether you are for dem or not; whether dar runnin’ for school boad, constable, D.A., judge or U.S. Senator, be shore to tank dem for runnin’. It’s one uf de toughest things anyone can do.

An’ az we have mentioned above, dese days, even afta you’re elected, petty politics can continue to claw at you. Dat’s why a lotta good folks never run for office.


Tax Amnesty Program

We watched wit’ a great deal uf interest an LPB program on a tax amnesty program dat’s goin’ on ‘til Nov. 15 in our state. If you owe state taxes, dar’s gonna be a reduction uf de penalty an’ some uf de interest durin dat time if you pay your tax bill in full.

Dat’s still a far cry from de state owin’ refunds an’ not sendin’ dem out on time an’ not payin’ any interest to de folks day owe.

In de program, day say day expect to collect a bunch uf money from delinquent tax payers. Meantime, me, I gotta friend dat had hiz drivin’ license taken away for not payin’ hiz state tax.

Now dat’s how dem legislators tink. How do they expect dis guy to go to work to make money to pay dat tax?


New Trucks For Progressive

We sawed in de Sulphur Daily News dat de new company what city councilmen voted on to pick up garbage, Progressive, had gotten two new garbage trucks. Hopefully dat will eliminate some uf de problems.

If you’ve been follerin de news, you know dar have been problems — mostly wit’ lots uf garbage bein’ left on de street. Wonder if de police iz gonna ticket dem for litterin’.


Two Dat Will Be Remembered

We were sorry to learn uf de recent passin’ uf Jan Hardy. She worked at KPLC news for years and den went on to get a PhD an’ work in de medical supply industry. She was a beautiful and very smart woman that will be missed.

Also, we wuz saddened to learn uf de death uf Bill Flavin, founder uf Flavin Real Estate in Lake Charles. Flavin was a great man with a unique sense uf humor. Me, I always enjoyed exchangin’ jokes wit him.


Cowboys Continue To Roll

De McNeese Cowboys football team continues to do very well. Me, I tink dat near-win against Nebraska on de road haz all dar opponents shakin’ in dar pants.

We all know you play dem one game at a time. But it shore looks like it’s gonna boil down to McNeese an’ Southeastern in Hammond in November for all de marbles.

Meantime, show your support for de Cowboys by wearin’ your blue an gold every Friday. T Claude, he wears de same MSU tee-shirt every day, an’ to tell you de truth, it’s startin to smell uf ceegar an’ gin. Wish he would wash it or buy anudder one to rotate.


If He Ain’t, He Shore Acts Like It

Saw whar our Gov. Bobby Jindal — remember him? — wuz makin a speech in Wisconsin about national policy. Me, I didn’t know national politics wuz part uf hiz job az governor uf our state.

Me an a lotta folks in dis state tink he should be spendin’ his time in our state, which haz problems bigtime, instead uf runnin’ for president … a race he ain’t got a prayer uf winnin’. He wuz elected to serve our state, an’ like mos’ lame duck governors, haz done a very poor job. All he has done is to use trust funds to patch de state budget; den he gets up before national audiences an’ tells dem how great a job he’s done az leader uf de state. Come home, Bobby.


Landrieu Between Rock And Hard Place

Mary Landrieu wuz at Citgo recently tellin dem how she wuz fightin’ to keep dar jobs — despite de fact dat de company iz owned by de country uf Venezuela, which haz been accused uf human rights violations.

Wonder what song she’s singin’ to dem human rights groups who give big-time to political campaigns?

Dat’s one uf de problems dat faces lots uf politicians. Huey Long would solve dat by jus’ sayin’, “You tell ‘em I lied.”


Deep Taughts While Watchin’ A Cookin’ Show

10) How can de Saints play so good in de Dome and stink so bad on de road?

9) How deep iz T Claude into hiz bookie so far dis year?

8) Why iz it dat all dem ol’ men at KD’s talk at de same time an’ nobody listens?

7) What’s gonna happen to all dem yard signs afta de election?

6) Who iz it who keeps stealin’ basil outta my herb garden an why don’ day go buy some like I usta do?

5) Will I have any good pecans for de holidays?

4) How many times do I have to tell dem duck hunters not to bring me teal cause I don’t like dem?

3) When are day gonna start showin Two and A Half Men on CBS for de new season?

2) Can NFL commissioner Roger Goodell survive all de trouble he’s in?

1) Who will de Houston Astros trade in de name uf “rebuilding”?


Final Shot

I axed my fran Lefty if he went to de las’ McNeese football game. He sed he went to four tailgate parties, which caused him to be unable to make it to de stadium. Sometimes Lefty just overduz it.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate!