Church Of The Eyes

Pierre Fontenot Thursday, October 16, 2014 0
Church Of The Eyes

I saw him make a u-turn, to go back to the convenience store where the clerk had given him too much change.

I saw the way he talked to the state trooper, who pulled us over for speeding, and I saw how good people handle being in the wrong.

I heard what he said in church, but I saw how he walked it on Monday through Saturday.

I saw him give when he had it; I saw him give when he had not.

I heard him preach Do Unto Others and I saw him Do Unto Others and I saw that he did unto better than was ever done unto him…without ever keeping score.

I saw him endure the un-fun stretches in the marriage, and I saw him care for her after their 50th anniversary, keeping the vow, of in sickness and health.

I saw him unchanged by money. He was humble when flush; he was not shrunk by lack.

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Long before I saw my own flaws I saw his flaws. I did what prideful children do when they try to bring their parents down to their level. A few decades out there, on my own, and I saw him with fresh eyes, with more awe than even when I was a child. It’s not easy to be good, and steady and hold onto a rare standard of character. I had fallen in only a little time; he still held his ground with twice the life.

He is a man of his generation. I saw him not expecting life to be easy, but glad for the chance and grateful to the Maker. I saw him do without sleep, I saw him with many pots on the stove. I saw him say no to himself and yes to my mother and yes to his kids. I saw him being a good citizen, a follow-the-ruler, a respecter of authority, a minder of his own business, a team player of America.


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I saw him pray, saw him pray, saw him pray… We all pray when the wolf is at the door, but I saw him pray even when he stood beneath rainbows.

He was the first person to show me that God wasn’t just out-there, silent, stoic, arms-crossed, but that God was Father, and wanted a relationship with His children. I saw him say good morning to his Father every morning, with little conversations during the day.

I saw him love, I saw him joy, I saw him peace. I saw God’s fruit.

He is the Christian-ish Christian I will ever know. That’s not a small thing for a child to say about their parent. He earned it, in the one-day-at-a-time steadiness of his life.

He is 85 years old, and he’s earned a flag pole, and those of us who know him can only salute, and aspire.


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