Pierre Sez Saturday, December 21, 2013 0

It’s nice to see all de beautiful  Christmas lights de city has put up around de Civic Center. Now, in years befo, de lights were pretty nice. But dis year, de city haz really kicked it up a notch, az Emeril Lagasse often sez in his cookin’ show.

We can tell you dat dis year we will have lots mo visitors from out uf town comin’ to our area to see de lightin’ extravaganza. An’ you can bet dar are gonna be a lot mo buggy rides filled wit’ folks admirin’ all de additional lights.

In de next few years, if de city expands de lightin’ program to include areas around de bidness district, we will be in serious competition wit’ Natchitoches for de bes’ in de state.

Now, remember, it takes a lot uf hard work an’ money to make dis happen. City workers have put in lots uf hours to make dis light show possible. An’ of course, Mayor Randy found de money as usual.

For dis wonderful project to expand, we will need mo man hours an’ mo money. But you know Randy haz a plan for next year already.

We would like to tank de Mayor for waitin’ ‘til after Thanksgivin’ to officially turn de lights on.  Tanks again to de City of Lake Charles for a job well done.


Cove Lane Movin’ Along

Az dis Cove Lane project continues to move along, it appears mo an’ mo to me dat de project will be an exit  from de casinos to I-210. Now my frans Max and Slim say I’m dead wrong, an’ dar’s a lot mo to dis project dat all mos’ all de gubment bodies an’ casinos chipped in to build.

When I axed Max an’ Slim what else dar wuz to dis project, day simply sed I’d have to wait an’ see. Well, I’m waitin’, an’ so are a lotta udder folks in our area.


Green Army Iz Marchin’

Louisiana: De State We’re In iz a very popular program dat airs on Public Television trewout our state. Dere’s one recent program everyone in our state should watch, an’ if you have de Internet, you can go back and watch it. It concerns our wetlands, and what’s bein’ done to restore dem an’ create even mo wetlands.

In de program, dey sed an area four times de city uf Miami in marshlands iz los’ every year.

De leader uf de Green Army dat’z tryin to make dis marsh preservation activity happen by forcin’ de oil companies to cap wells dat are still leakin’ oil in de marsh an’ fill up canals dat were dug durin’ drillin’ operations is retired Gen. Russel Honoré.

He points out in dis program dat when oil companies got de permit to drill in de marshes, day agreed to cap all wells an’ fill all canals. Dis, accordin’ to Honoré, hasn’t been done, an’ az a result, we’ve damaged marshes dat help protect us from surges when hurricanes come our way.

Laplace is where de surge stopped wit’ Katrina. An’ for Rita, it stopped jus’ south uf de Intercoastal Canal. Where it stops next time may be much worse if we keep ignorin’ de marsh losses.

Of great interest to our area is de loss of shrimp and oysters for harvestin’. Now, de Green Army haz filed suit against 93 oil companies an’ drillin’ operations to make dem fix what day agreed to fix. Jindal jumped in an’ opposed it. Uf course, we know some uf his biggest supporters are folks in de oil bidness.

Now one uf de ladies dat appeared on de panel spoke about what is de environment. She said — an’ dis makes sense — de environment iz where you work, live, worship and go to school. De Bayou Corne area wuz a nice place where lots uf folks lived after retirin’. Now it’s a big sink hole dat keeps getting’ bigger and haz cost de state millions already. De demand for action will end up in court. But in de meantime, let’s all be mindful uf our environment.


One Uf Many Polls To Come Iz Released

One ting about politicians, day don’t do anyting witout lookin’ at poll  numbers. An’ de recent poll figures released by Southern Media and Opinion Research shows a very interestin’ U.S. Senate race. Sen. Mary Landrieu had 41 percent, wit’ Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy 34 percent and Republican newcomer Rob Maness 10 percent.

Main issue for not favorin’ Landrieu for reelection … you guessed it … Obamacare. Now she crawfished out uf her strong support for de Obamacare bill when it was learnt dat companies were droppin’ dar insurance plans and folks couldn’t keep dar own doctors. She introduced a bill she claimed would fix dat. We’ll see how dat flies in de Senate in de next few months.

De governor’s race wuz included in dis poll. De only announced candidate iz state legislator John Bel Edwards, who showed only 8 percent. Leadin’ wuz Sen. David Vitter wit’ 30 percent, Treasury Secretary John Kennedy wit’ 19 percent and Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne wit’ 18 percent. Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle got only 2 percent. But it doesn’t look like he’s much interested in de job anyway.

Hard to imagine dem numbers where de majority uf registered voters are Democrats. But de same scenario played out in de recently held 5th District congressional race. Two Republicans faught it out in a district dat haz way mo Democrats dan Republicans. An’ we don’t see any Democrat wit’ enough clout in dis state  to eat into de Republican stronghold on dis state. Ain’t politics funny? Especially in our state.


One Udder Local Race For Next Year

Recently we spoke about de races for judgeships an’ Sulphur Mayor comin’ up next year. We regret dat we forgot to mention de race to replace retirin’ Judge Tom Quirk. We’ve heard  several names mentioned, but no real action yet from any uf dem.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a race for a judgeship in Ward 3: probably 20 or more years since we had a real heated race for dat office. You can bet afta de firs’ uf de year, we gonna be seein’ a lot mo signs an’ ads for whoever ends up tryin’ for dat seat.


A Few Shots About Sports

Our area produced some real fine high school football teams dis year. Barbe, Westlake, Vinton, Welsh and LaGrange made it through a few rounds of de playoffs, but none could make it to de state finals in de Dome.

Nonedeless, we had great performances by de players, az iz evident by de number who’ll be playin’ college ball.

McNeese did better dan in recent years. An’ we know both de basketball teams an’ de baseball team will keep bringin’ honor to dar school. So keep wearin’ your blue outfits on Fridays an’ show your support.

Now to LSU … a few weeks ago Texas A&M came to Baton Rouge an’ got beat. All dem national sports journalists could say wuz dat Johnny Football had a bad game. Why couldn’t day jus’ tell de truth, an’ dat iz, dat LSU’s defense wuz ready for de Heisman Trophy winner and boorayed him at every turn? Dem so-called sports reporters really get my dander up sometimes.


You Know De Slogan

Mos’ uf us will be attendin’ a lot uf holiday parties in de next few weeks, an’ dat means drinkin’ uf alcohol. Already, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers haz teamed wit’ area State Farm agents to urge folks to stay away from de wheel if day’ve had too much to drink.

Me, I’d like to add to drinkin’ de use uf cell phones for talkin’ or textin’  while drivin.’ It ain’t smart to do dat. We’ve all seen de huge increase in number uf accidents caused by cell phone usage while drivin’, an’ if you do it, you are a real cooyon.

So we at Lagniappe join wit’  MADD, de State Farm guys, local law enforcement guys an’ D.A. John DeRosier in urgin’ you to leave de bottle an’ de phone alone if you’re drivin’.


Deep Taughts While Watchin’ Auburn Make Sabin Booday

10) What bowl game would LSU have gotten had day beat Ole Miss an’ ended up 10-2?

9) Haven’t we all seen enough Duck Dynasty stuff in stores an’ on TV?

8) How can T-Claude say I gave him my Skil saw when he axed to borrow it?

7) Why does my dog T-foo insist on jumpin’ on me when I’m takin’ a nap on de sofa?

6) What’s goin on wit’ dem big banks closin’ branches in Sulphur an’ Westlake?

5) Did I really smoke all dem ceegars while watchin’ football durin’ de Tanksgivin’ break?

4) When are day gonna be finished wit’ de Burton Coliseum facelift?

3) How can I convince my wife Sedonia dat I went to Jerrod’s?

2) Why didn’t day make dem changes to de Weather Channel years ago?

1) Why do all dem folks who come to my house for Christmas have to stay so long?


Final Shot

Lefty tol’ me de udder day he made some homemade eggnog  radder dan buy it at de store. I axed him if it wuz strong. He sez it’s 90 proof … at lease what’s left uf it. Lefty always gets de holiday spirit.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.