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We all have a guilty pleasure.  It may be a hobby, a habit or a food or drink, like a caffeine-laden caramel iced coffee. 

For me, it’s the Whataburger patty melt. 

I’ve been as excited as everyone else about the opening of the new Whataburger in Sulphur. I am, unapologetically, one of those who advantageously plan a fuel stop with Whataburger locations in mind when traveling to Texas or Lafayette.

With Sulphur’s Cities Service location finally open, I waited with the masses for a bit of self-indulgence. As soon as she found out I was in line, my wife’s order changed at least 5 times, until we agreed I’d just surprise her. 

The drive-thru moved quickly, as two young ladies armed with iPads were taking car-side orders in dual lanes, processing payments. It was 31 minutes from the time I pulled in to the time I received my order. I found that remarkable, given the newness and the frenzy.

I made a mad dash to my wife’s office, the aroma of sautéed onions on the patty melt filling the cab as I reached in the bag to “sample” a couple of French fries. Shyla and I sat at her desk, bags of food torn open, leaving little desktop grease stains. In a non-strategic fashion, a couple of cheeseburgers, chicken strips with white gravy, a patty melt, and heaps of fries were there for the snacking. It was all worth the hype and the wait.

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