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Doomsday Hits Home

Lake Charles Grandparents And Their Role In Solving A Mind-Boggling Crime Involving A Death Cult, Missing Children, Zombies And Murder

By Todd C. Elliott

It was the end of their world as they knew it. Children forever marred with the label of “missing”, then “murder victims” allegedly at the hands of someone they loved and someone they trusted. Forevermore, the two children’s lives and deaths would be synonymously linked to a woman who would be known henceforth as “the doomsday mom.”

J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan in one of the rare photos of them together.


Joshua “J.J.” Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16, were more than children, they were grandchildren as well. And it was one phone call after another from Lake Charles that would, in turn, ignite a cataclysmic set of revelations that would have the world reeling. Had it not been for two concerned Lake Area grandparents requesting a wellness check on their grandchild, the world might never have known about the missing children and their mother, Lori Vallow, the deranged mother obsessed with an apocalyptic vision of Biblical proportions.

“Numerous people we’ve met along this turbulent journey told us: ‘Y’all are the best grandparents in the world, this wouldn’t have been brought to light if it weren’t for y’all,” said Kay Woodcock of her and her husband Larry Woodcock of Lake Charles. “We were just trying to find our grandson. That’s all. We didn’t even know Tylee was missing until November of 2019. But we just wanted to find our grandson. We love him and miss him. We’re just grandparents. We’re not the world’s greatest grandparents. How else would we have handled it? How else would other grandparents have handled it? And someone told me, ‘well, most grandparents would have just sat back, awaited him to turn 18 years old and hoped for him to come find us.’ And I was thinking I would have never done that. Waited for my grandson to turn 18 and maybe he’ll come to us. No way. You can’t get those years back.”

With a story set in mainly three states, Arizona, Idaho and Hawaii, (as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana and Utah) the timeline is a convoluted one. Like the Manson murders, which confounded the public in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Doomsday Mother’s tale will take some rehearsing. We will need to hear it and retell it over the years before we utterly understand the series of events of what is known (much less what is still unknown in the ongoing investigations) to one day make sense of it all. Even then, the curious case of Lori Vallow will always be a senseless tragedy fueled by manic fundamentalists that involved two innocent children and possibly others.


Lori Vallow a.k.a “Doomsday Mom”

A former hairdresser and biological mother of Tylee Ryan from her third husband, and adoptive mother of Joshua “J.J.” Vallow. Prior to adopting J.J., she would remarry and take Charles Vallow as her fourth husband in Las Vegas, then opting for a life in Chandler, Arizona. Lori also later fled to Idaho after Charles’ death and then she disappeared to Hawaii after the two kids went missing while refusing to work with police in the search for J.J. and Tylee Ryan.

Chad Daybell 

Lori’s fifth husband and independent author of doomsday and biblical apocalypse books. Chad married Lori two weeks after the sudden death of his wife of many years, Tammy Daybell, with whom they shared five children. Lori was a fan of Chad’s books. He spoke at the fringe group, “Preparing A People” events, where he and Lori met. Lori would then have Chad stay the night once at the Vallow home where the children, J.J. and Tylee, would meet the man on whose property their mortal remains would later be found. Chad is believed, to be “the puppet master”, acting as a prophet in a mystery “doomsday prepper” death cult, whilst working as an undertaker in Utah for years.

Alex Cox

Lori’s brother and someone often considered by the Woodcocks to be “the enforcer” of Lori and Chad’s devilish will. Alex is the killer of Lori’s estranged husband at the time. Alex killed Charles Vallow one morning as the father arrived at Lori’s new home to take the kids to school. Alex claimed it was justifiable homicide as he alleged to have shot Charles in self-defense.

Charles Vallow

Brother of Kay Woodcock, biological great uncle to J.J., then turned adoptive father, Charles and Lori were granted custody of J.J. in 2013 with J.J.’s adoption finalized July of 2014. J.J. was born in Lake Charles. He was also stepfather to Tylee Ryan, until he was shot dead by Alex Cox on July 11, 2019 in Arizona. Charles often claimed that Lori had threatened to kill him among other concerns. He even went so far as to name the guilty parties in advance should “something ever happen” to him.

Larry And Kay Woodcock

The Lake Charles couple that searched for their grandson, J.J., while offering a $20,000 reward for information on the whereabouts of the missing children. The couple have been featured internationally in stories and updates concerning “The Doomsday Mom.” Their hopes were shattered on June 9, 2020, when the bodies of Tylee Ryan and their grandson were found in Rexburg, Idaho buried in a shallow grave in the backyard of Chad Daybell.


If the divorce petition of Charles Vallow was any sort of indication of a struggle, things had gone terribly wrong with his wife Lori. If it is believed that the court documents filed by Ellsworth Family Law of Mesa, Arizona to Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County are true and factual, then Lori Vallow had become “infatuated and at times obsessive about near-death experiences and spiritual visions.” It is documented, according to Charles, that Lori told her that she had been “sealed to the ancient Book of Mormon prophet Moroni.” Lori allegedly believed that she had lived “numerous lives on numerous planets” prior to becoming an Austin, Texas hairdresser who had a chance encounter that would lead to the marriage of Charles Vallow. Lori believed that she was married to “James The Just” in a past life and that she lived as Mary French in the 1800s as the grandmother to Joseph Smith, founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, according to the court records. Paperwork also indicated that Charles was told by his wife, at the time, that she was a “translated being” who “cannot taste Death” and sent by God to lead the 144,000 into the millennium. Lori believed (and may still believe from her prison cell) that she receives spiritual revelations and visions to help her “gather and prepare” the other chosen 143, 999 to live in the New Jerusalem after a great war taken from the book of Revelations.

Charles Vallow with Lori.


To take it even further, during a phone conversation between Lori and Charles after their physical separation, Lori told Charles that she was a reincarnated god assigned to work for the return of Jesus by July 2020, by which time Christ would not have returned and Lori and Chad Daybell would both be behind bars. The trouble all started when Charles Vallow attempted to return to Chandler, Arizona from a Texas business trip only to find that Lori had cancelled his flight, drained his bank account of $35,000 and disappeared from their home only to find that he had been locked out of his own home. Lori and the two children were gone. After several attempts to communicate with his estranged wife, Lori allegedly threatened to “kill him upon his return home and had an angel there to help her dispose of the body.” Charles related his situation with Lori, who spoke of her life in a supernatural sense, to his sister back in Lake Charles. After Lori had announced that she was a reincarnated god, Kay gave her brother Charles some advice.

“First, when he told me this, I told him that it sounded like she was having hormonal issues,” said Kay Woodcock in an interview with Lagniappe Magazine. “That maybe she was going through ‘the change’ maybe I didn’t know. I knew there was something wrong. Bad wrong. I knew Lori was thinking some weird stuff. It sounded like a cult. But Charles didn’t call it that.”

But according to Lori, it was Charles who had “changed.” This is where the saga of the Doomsday Mom reaches a level of David Lynchian production proportions. Lori believed that her husband Charles Vallow was now a “Nick Schneider” according to the divorce papers. Like something out of Twin Peaks, Lori believed that a man by the name of Nick Schneider had killed Charles and now possessed his body as Lori was then-referring to Charles as “Nick”. When Charles asked Lori why she kept calling him Nick, or who was this Nick Schneider, Lori responded by stating that Nick Schneider was his real name, that Schneider had killed Charles Vallow and “stolen his identity.” The Nick Schneider episode of this story is corroborated by Chandler Police Department bodycam footage of a distraught Charles Vallow.

At a pivotal time in their relationship, Lori could have benefitted from less “thoughts and prayers” and more from “therapy and medication.” However, she refused to seek a mental well-being assessment from the Community Bridges Healthcare, a non-profit organization in Mesa, Arizona, at the behest of Charles for the benefit of the children and his marriage. Lori declined to show up for an evaluation because she feared that during a voluntary 72-hour hold, therapists and staff at Community Bridges would then discover that Lori was what she considered “a translated being”, which in Latter Day Saints theology means when a mortal becomes immortal. According to the Latter-Day Saints belief, a translated being such as Lori now believed that she was changed to not experience pain or death and now was elevated to the same level as the biblical Moses and John the Apostle.

Last known photo of J.J. and Tylee. With them is Lori’s brother Alex Cox.


As Lori’s mental state fell by the wayside, her messy divorce culminated with a messy homicide in Chandler, Arizona. After Lori abandoned Charles, she took the kids to the smaller town. It was believed that Lori’s new Chandler house, which had been lived-in for three weeks by her and the kids, was also where her brother, Alex Cox, had been staying at the time. 

Charles, being a good father to J.J., planned to bring the boy to school that fateful morning. It was then that, police believed, Charles Vallow entered the Chandler, Arizona home only to be shot down by Alex Cox, who claimed that he acted in self-defense as Charles had become belligerent, grabbed a baseball bat out of Tylee Ryan’s hands and struck Alex Cox. The injuries sustained by Cox were minor considering that Charles Vallow, who was a 1974 grad of A.M. Barbe High School attending McNeese State University on a baseball scholarship. Allegedly pummeled by a former star athlete, Alex Cox refused medical attention when asked by the police. The shooter only requested a bottle of water afterwards. If killing was thirsty business, then gunning down Charles Vallow must’ve made Cox parched that morning.

The homicide was ruled as justified and in self-defense. Kay Woodcock, however, said that she will never accept that, as she suspected Alex Cox was the hitman that killed for his sister, Lori, taking the life of her brother, the late Charles Vallow.

“We met with the detective on the case and we let him know that there was no way this was a justifiable homicide, it absolutely had to be a murder,” said Kay Woodcock. “They (Lori and Alex) set him up. The police absolutely had to investigate it as a murder. And that day, I let police know that I was very concerned about J.J. Lori wouldn’t allow J.J. to come to Charles’ memorial service.”

With another ex-husband who suffered an untimely death in her wake (her third husband, Tylee’s father, died of a “heart attack” in 2018 now under a cloud of suspicion) Lori had everything she wanted coming to her. Or so she believed. Kay Woodcock disclosed to the world in the popular, three-episode “Doomsday: The Missing Children”, a crime documentary now streaming on the Investigation Discovery channel, that her late brother made changes to his life insurance policy, changing the beneficiary from his wife, Lori Vallow, to his sister back in Lake Charles, Kay Woodcock. This set Lori off in a rage, according to Kay. After withdrawing about $35,000 from Charles’ accounts just months prior, one must wonder if that money went as a tithing to Lori’s temple or religious leader Lori still appeared to desperately need money. Was money a factor in Lori becoming a translated being? $25,000 went to an unknown account. It certainly was a factor in what came next. Kay Woodcock thinks so. 

“She was completely upset and pissed off when she found out she wasn’t getting the life insurance money,” said Kay Woodcock. “However, she didn’t know, at first, who got the money. But then about 10 days later she found the change of beneficiary forms from her to me that Charles had sent in. She sent me a picture of that paperwork and said, ‘this is why you want J.J. there? And I get no money?’ That just sent a chill down my spine. There was a progression of events that just made us increasingly worried about J.J.”

Out of spite and desperation, Lori would take Kay Woodcock’s grandson farther and farther away, seemingly holding J.J. hostage from her ex-sister-in-law for the life insurance money.

Had the Doomsday Mom answered one of many texts, emails and phone calls. Kay Woodcock said it would have been a different story.

“We would have given her all the money,” said Kay Woodcock. “But we never got a single response from her.” 

Lori had checked out. She was now gone geographically, and mentally, crossing state lines and a threshold to exiting reality.


Chad Daybell, 51, lived in Idaho with his 49-year-old wife, Tamara “Tammy” Douglas, and the couple had been married since 1990. The couple lived in Salem, Idaho since 2015 following Chad’s notion that he heard the voice of God twice tell him that he needed to move to Rexburg, Idaho, moving from Springville, Utah to Salem, Idaho, which was a suburb of Rexburg. 

Chad Daybell – Photo courtesy of Discovery+ “Doomsday: The Missing Children” documentary now streaming on Discovery+


Chad met Lori at a religious event in 2018 entitled, “Preparing A People”, according to NBC’s Dateline. The event featured doomsday author Chad Daybell as a guest speaker, preaching end times in a new religion of “prepperism”, whose holy trinity might have been food, water and guns. Lori was entranced, a Chad Daybell fangirl. The two began exchanging emails and then appearing on podcasts together. Thanks to NBC’s Dateline broadcast, it was uncovered that Chad had sent Lori an email entitled, “Demon with a name, Nick Schneider” and so the mystery of the demonic possession of Charles Vallow by Nick Schneider became solved. Chad was pulling Lori’s strings and Lori seemed infatuated with the makeshift prophet and thus gullible enough to believe.

On September 1, 2019, Lori rolls into Idaho and settles in Rexburg, Idaho, which was the same place God supposedly had told Chad Daybell to relocate in preparation for the apocalypse. Lori would later be joined in Idaho, in the same housing complex, by her family members, Alex Cox (who murdered Lori’s husband with two gunshots to the chest), and Lori’s niece, Melani Boudreaux, who reportedly left her husband, Brandon Boudreaux, to also follow Chad Daybell. Apparently, wherever Lori goes, her family members and misfortune and death follow.

September 2019 would be the most critical month of this tale. It is the last time that J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan would ever be seen or heard from. On September 8th, Tylee was seen for the last time according to cell phone records. Two bits of photographic evidence showed that Tylee, Alex, Lori and J.J. ventured to Yellowstone National Park. Only one iCloud phone photo and one park camera still showed the world that Tylee was indeed taken to Yellowstone, yet never reportedly seen again until her remains would be exhumed on Chad Daybell’s property. The next day on September 9th, 3 a.m. cell phone records indicate that Alex Cox called Lori from Chad Daybell’s property. Then the young girl that the world would soon know as Tylee Ryan would be buried in the Daybell’s pet cemetery, in the ground of his Salem property. Chad covered his tracks by texting his wife, Tammy, that he had killed a raccoon the night before and buried it in the acreage. He closed the text with “Fun Times!”

On September 19th, Lori allegedly told her podcast co-host and friend, Melanie Gibb, that J.J. had now become a “zombie” as Lori had stated of Tylee in the spring of 2019. Gibb recalled that Lori called the 17-year-old girl a zombie because she did not want to babysit. Lori told Gibb that Tylee had become a zombie around the age of 12 or 13, according to The Post Register in an interview with Melanie Gibb. In Lori’s doomsday belief, she had become chosen out of the 144,000 to prepare the way for Christ by combating the non-believers, or spiritual zombies, manifested as demon-possessed human beings in everyday life. This, of course, makes things difficult for a zombie-slaying mother when her children have been turned into zombies for no apparent reason lest a bite from a mythical creature. How do children, or anyone for that matter, become zombies? Well, first, there is a test to determine if your mortal body has become hollow and thus filled-in by demonic forces. Who administers such a test? None other than indie-author, apocalyptic prepper, Chad Daybell. 

Lori Vallow in court – Photo courtesy of Discovery+ “Doomsday: The Missing Children” documentary now streaming on Discovery+


According to Fox 10 Phoenix News, Chad Daybell had performed “tests” on the children and the two kids failed the test. The Daybell test consisted of numbers accompanied by either an, “L” (for Light), or a “D” (for Dark), according to a found email from Chad to Lori published by Fox 10 Phoenix. Tylee Ryan was rated at a “4.1D” which is a failing grade and the teen had fallen to the Dark side and therefore susceptible to being transformed into a zombie. Charles Vallow was rated at a “3L” with “1700s London” in parentheses, but remember Charles was killed by the demon Nick Schneider. Lori’s third husband, Tylee’s father, was rated “4.3D” with the text: “Is now sealed away” to the side of the grading since Lori’s third husband was dead. Alex Cox was a “2L” and Lori was “4.3L” which could be an indication of rank in Daybell’s supposed cult.

J.J. Vallow was graded a “4.2L” and on the side of light, but later testing would have shown Lori that on September 19th, J.J. had devolved into a zombie. It is said that Lori allegedly said that J.J. was crawling on counter surfaces and atop of the refrigerator, knocking down a framed picture of Christ Jesus. That was the last straw for Lori, she had to tell someone and chose to tell Melanie Gibb. This would set into motion J.J.’s sealed fate in the eyes of the doomsday mother.

After recording a podcast  with Lori, Gibb claimed that she saw Alex Cox, who stopped by one night on September 22, 2019, with a sleeping J.J. in his arms. This is the last verified sighting of J.J. alive or possibly dead. People Magazine would reinforce the theory that J.J. might have died at the hand of Cox as the last-seen-sleeping boy’s body would be unearthed later wearing red pajamas.

A month and a half after Lori moved to Rexburg, Chad Daybell’s wife, Tammy, was found dead of “natural causes” at the age of 49, at the Daybell home on October 19, 2019. No autopsy was done. Chad seemed disaffected by the death of his wife, according to some. Exactly two weeks after Tammy Daybell is put in the ground, cold and dead, Chad Daybell married Lori Vallow in the warm sun of Kauai, Hawaii on November 5th, 2019. Following the events that transpired, Tammy Daybell’s body had been exhumed for toxicology/autopsy investigations, which have now been completed and the results have yet to be released to be the public as it is still an ongoing investigation. 

All the while, updates came to Kay and Larry Woodcock in Lake Charles as they were still seeking their grandson, J.J. It’s not a shock to anyone that Kay wanted what any grandmother would want: to at least speak to her grandchild. Not knowing where in the world her grandson had been taken by an erratic mother, Kay feared the worst but remained hopeful. 

“We were just freaked out because we didn’t know anything,” said Kay Woodcock. “And it heightened our anxiety about J.J. even more, our concern for him. Then Brandon Boudreaux told us that Tammy Daybell was now dead. So, that’s when this really got all put together from Charles’ murder to Brandon’s attempted murder to Tammy Daybell’s death in Idaho. I can’t tell you just how blown away we were with each step of the way because of how crazy it was.”

It should be noted that Brandon Boudreaux was in the process of divorcing Melani Boudreaux, who was Lori’s niece. Melani was wrapped up in whatever Chad Daybell was slinging as some sort of fanatical cult. Brandon Boudreaux was allegedly shot at while sitting in his parked car, the obvious intended victim of a drive-by shooting in Gilbert, Arizona on October 2, 2019.

After communicating with Brandon, Kay and Larry decided to make some calls. These calls would begin to unravel the mystery centered around Lori and Chad Daybell.

Kay Woodcock – Photo courtesy of Discovery+ “Doomsday: The Missing Children” documentary now streaming on Discovery+


“I just can’t tell how blown away we were each step of the way because of how crazy it was,” said Woodcock. “I think it was the beginning November (2019) is when we actually called the state of Idaho, and the state of Arizona and the state of Hawaii. Once we learned that they were in Idaho because of our private investigator. We knew that they were in Rexburg, Idaho, but we didn’t know exactly where in Rexburg they were. When the Rexburg Police Department went and talked to Lori, Lori and Chad Daybell were gone that night to Hawaii.”

On November 26, 2019, the wellness check call request to Rexburg Police, sent the cops to Lori’s door. Chad was there. Alex was there. Lori was not home at the time. Alex told police that J.J. was “with his grandparents in Louisiana.”  This raised a red flag with investigators since the wellness check was requested by said grandparents in Lake Charles. Returning later that same day, Lori told police that J.J. was staying with a friend, Melanie Gibb, at the Gibb’s house in Arizona. The Rexburg police notified Phoenix law officers and sent them to  Gibb’s home to get a visual on the missing boy. Gibb allegedly told authorities that she had not seen Tylee, who was believed to now be attending Brigham Young University and assured officers that the girl and J.J. were not where Lori claimed.

After deducing that the kids were missing, Police concluded that there was enough suspicion and evidence for a search warrant of Lori’s Rexburg apartment. When police returned the next morning to enact that search of the home, it was obvious that Lori had fled.

Police later learned that Chad and Lori were married only a few weeks prior, even though Chad did not identify as her husband when confronted by police. But where did these two newlyweds  run off to without the children? More importantly, the grandparents in Lake Charles and the police of Rexburg, now asked the question: where were the children?


With her two kids buried in a shallow grave back in Idaho, and him with his wife freshly interred, Lori and Chad Daybell fled to their sanctuary of Hawaii on December 1, 2019 as per the American Airline records. Chad had become slightly richer, benefitting from the death of his wife in the sum of $430,000 in life insurance funds back in November. 

More than likely, the duo hid out for a few days after fleeing Lori’s residence due to the cops knocking at her door. While still in Idaho, hiding and planning their escape to Hawaii, Lori and Chad rented a storage shelter on October 31, 2019 and filled it with children’s items such as clothes, toys, bicycles, and furniture. The storage shelter was leased some three weeks prior to their fleeing to Hawaii and a short time after the kids’ murders.

Larry Woodcock – Photo courtesy of Discovery+ “Doomsday: The Missing Children” documentary now streaming on Discovery+


While sunning themselves on the beaches of Hawaii, law enforcement officials back in Idaho began to take interest in the corpse of Tammy Daybell for an investigation. Tammy’s body was exhumed on December 11, 2019 and finally submitted for an autopsy. Curiously enough, the next day on December 12, 2019, Alex Cox (Lori’s henchman brother) died in Gilbert, Arizona of yet another reported case of “natural causes”. Dead men tell no tales.

In the coming days, Rexburg Police formally announce the disappearance of J.J. and Tylee and that, with the aid of the FBI, Lori and Chad Daybell were persons of interest in this case. Within days of the announcement, an official statement from the Preparing A People organization issued a press release that they are “not a cult” and merely a multimedia company focused on video production. Preparing A People claimed that the group has not featured Chad Daybell as a guest speaker since February 2019 and they’ve since removed the podcasts of Lori and Chad representing Preparing A People. Chad Daybell’s lawyer also issued a statement denoting him as “a loving husband with the support of his children” and Lori as “a devoted mother” three days prior to the official statement from Preparing A People.

The missing children’s lives were now in danger according to the press releases of the Rexburg Police Department. The media descended on Chad and Lori Daybell in Hawaii as Lori was served a court order to leave Hawaii and produce her children before an Idaho judge. Kauai Police Department serves a warrant to search the rented vehicle of Lori and Chad in hopes to find the missing children. The case intensified and Lori showed extraordinarily little concern for the children and the rule of Law as she failed to appear before Madison County authorities and comply with the Idaho court order.

The media began a “Where’s The Children?” campaign, fueled by public volunteers. The grandparents from Lake Charles then publicly offered a $20,000 reward for the whereabouts of Tylee and J.J. to no avail. On February 20, Lori is arrested by the Hawaiian authorities and extradited back to Idaho the first week of March. The mother and her new husband were in Hawaii, but it appeared that the children never it made it to Hawaii. When told by a news reporter that a multitude of people were searching and praying for her missing children, Lori replied with a bothered sigh of “That’s great.” 


Where the missing children would be found was not too shocking, but more it was how they were found. Decomposed bodies found on the property of a suspect isn’t a surprise to law enforcement or True Crime readers. The manner, however, in which the children were discarded is shocking. 

J.J. Vallow with his dad Charles Vallow – Photo courtesy of Kay Woodcock


On June 9th, 2020, the remains of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow are found on Chad Daybell’s property. J.J. was found in his red pajamas, placed inside of a large black, plastic trash bag with ankles and wrists bound by duct tape. Several layers of the tape had also been wrapped around a white plastic bag around the boy’s head, according to People Magazine reporting the testimony of Rexburg Police Detective Ray Hermosillo. 

As a result, Chad Daybell was then arrested after attempting to flee the scene of his own home. Chad sat in  his parked car outside his own home while police did the digging for the evidence of dead children.

According to police, there were human remains found in Chad Daybell’s pet cemetery in his yard. These findings indicated that Tylee’s body might have been burned, or her remains incinerated in an outdoor fire pit. Police unearthed a massive amount of seared flesh and bone contained within a melted, green plastic bucket. Under the bucket, detectives found a partial human skull, which has been verified as that of J.J.’s sister, Tylee Ryan.

Cell phone records indicated that Alex Cox was making calls and possibly texting from Daybell’s home on the nights soon after the children were last seen alive. Lori and Chad, however, had Tylee’s cell phone in their possession in Hawaii and would occasionally reply to text messages that she would receive to keep up appearances that the teenage girl was still alive and well. With “the enforcer,” Alex Cox, now dead in Arizona, there seemed to be no one to charge with the heinous murders of the children. Lori and Chad had gone to great lengths to conceal the truth and keep their hands clean in the matter. However, Lori was initially charged with two felony counts of desertion of a child, the misdemeanor crimes of resisting and obstructing an officer, solicitation of crime and contempt. Further charges to Lori were added after the bodies of J.J. and Tylee were found in the form of two counts of conspiracy to conceal evidence.

But will she or Chad be charged with homicide or premeditated murder of the children? Kay Woodcock, the grieving Lake Charles grandmother believes so in her heart.

“Larry and I, in our hearts, we have 100 percent faith in the belief that they (Chad and Lori) will be charged with the kids murders,” said Kay Woodcock. “Or at least conspiracy. Either/Or. It’s a conspiracy and it’s a capital offense either way.”


There’s a difference between Faith and Belief. An easy way to sum it up is that one cannot spell the word “belief” without the word “lie”. It’s literally the middle-word in Belief. 

Spoiler alert: the world did not end. Jesus did not return in July of 2020. In fact, on the day that the world was supposed to end and be consumed by fiery apocalypse, Lori and Chad Daybell were locked up awaiting trial. In a figurative way, the world as they knew it did end for them. The rest of the world, victim’s families and those grieving the loss of friends and loved ones, had to pick up the pieces.

The Post Register newspaper in Idaho reported that Mark Means, Lori’s attorney, alleged that a letter had been sent out by Latter Day Saints church leaders that could detract from Lori getting a fair trial. The alleged letter supposedly encouraged Latter Day Saints church members to “enter into a code of silence” and surely, these were concerns for a jury trial in a state with a heavy Latter Day Saints populace. This sounds like some sort of religious conspiracy where truth can be encoded by silence.

In custody awaiting trial, Lori, a religious fanatic, knew that the doomsday prediction was wrong. And because of that she had now opted to throw the church of Latter-Day Saints under the bus, as it were, because Lori would not be able to get a fair trial as she seemed to now assist the courts of man’s law. Prior to the July 22, 2020 date, when the world was supposed to end, Lori appeared in court to be smug, indignant in her affectations, due to the belief that she might never stand trial because she was righteous, and the world was going to end anyway. In the doomsday scenarios that Chad Daybell painted with words in his series of “Christian” books, Lori would have been freed of her shackles on July the 22nd and would then be sent forth to prepare the 144,000 chosen people to prepare the arrival of Christ and Doomsday.

People say that numbers don’t lie. So, what was all this about the 144,000? The strange number of 144,000 seems to be held in high regard due to the numerical significance of the number 12, which is considered a “number of completion”, a la 12 disciples, 12 months in a year and so on and so forth. Twelve times twelve is 144, then multiplied by 1,000 then becomes the mystical number of 144,000, which at one time in human civilization might have been the penultimate large number. The number appears three times in the Book of Revelation.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe roughly the same thing with the exception that those 144,000 resurrected will create a new Church of the Firstborn.

Of course, all this hubbub over the number 144,000 meant nothing to two children, J.J. and Tylee Ryan. It was their mother who was led astray by her beliefs. The religious beliefs of these adult guardians in their lives seems to ultimately have played a hand in the children getting killed. 

Truth be told, the missing-turned-murdered children probably only wanted for secular things: Tylee Ryan wanted to attend BYU and J.J. probably just wanted to see his grandparents in Lake Charles again. Though in the final days, J.J. probably wanted to be reunited with his sister. Unfortunately, he was.

Lori entered a plea of not guilty though she has yet to be formally charged in the deaths of her children. Her hearing regarding only that of the concealment of J.J. and Tylee was set to begin on March 22, 2021, yet moved to late August in Idaho. 

It is believed that Lori’s lawyers will make a motion to dismiss and seek a change of venue in late March. While the Doomsday Mom may believe that she is innocent, it is without a doubt, and in good faith, that Larry and Kay Woodcock of Lake Charles will be there.


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