Politicians Should Clean Up Dar Act

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Politicians Should Clean Up Dar Act

Talk at KD’s afta de congressional and senate run-offs wuz dat folks have gotten sick uf campaignin and it’s all de fault uf de voters. Needless to say, I disagreed wit dem, an wuz told to sit down and be quiet.

But jus look at it, folks … more dan a year uf name callin an hate mail between de candidates an groups workin for dem — better known az PACS (political action committees).

Now, de candidates will tell you day have no control over de PAC message. But my political hotshot fran says, “ya wanna bet?” He says day can stop dem nasty attack commercials in a day. But do day really want to?

Polls Ain’t What Day Used To Be

My political hotshot fran sez poll-takin for elections is just about done. Used to be pollsters wuz always callin us to ax who we wuz votin fer an why. Now pollsters have figgered out dat de folks even answerin de phone are lyin. Add to dat de large number uf cell phones dat have replaced de land lines, and you can see where pollsters are scratchin dar heads tryin to figure out ways to reach voters.

An day are havin a hard time gettin correct pollin numbers to de candidates — which iz how day get paid.

Some uf dem pollsters were off by a mile in de presidential race. One pollster had Clinton winnin one state by 4 percent and she lost it by 6. Dat’s a 10-point swing. Wonder if dat pollster sent Clinton a bill for his findins.

More From My Political Hotshot Fran

My fran haz done some work in north Louisiana for statewide candidates in recent years. He sez de No. 1 issue among voters in dat section uf de state is still right to life.

Now you’d tink de democratic party would be tailorin a message to dem voters, rather dan callin dem a bunch uf hay seeds. But dat’s not how Democrats tink, an dat’s why dar in big trouble right now. De Republicans have been in power before in recent years. But day let de power go to dar heads, an Newt Gingrich an his contract wit America fell flat on its face.

Lots Uf Money Spunt In Run-Off

My fran T-Claude wanted to do a little wager wit me on de Angelle-Higgins race. We wuz gonna bet a cochon de lait for Christmas, wit de loser havin to buy and cook de pig. Although we ended up not bettin, I got to tell you I was shore Angelle would win. But den I started talkin to my podnas in de Opelousas area, an day gave me good reason to pull out my bet wit T-Claude.

Needless to say, lots uf folks wuz shocked by de returns in dat race. Meantime, de U.S. senator’s race between Foster Campbell and John Kennedy got a good bit uf national attention, expecially after Da Donald flew to Baton Rouge to campaign for Kennedy, who won 52-48.

Vic Stelly pointed out dat Kennedy bein elected might put him in a better position for committee assignments if some of uf Trump’s picks get selected and leave some positions open.

De Democrats, on de udder hand, ignored Campbell and left him out to dry.

Just wish I had de money spent by Kennedy an Campbell an dar PACs. I would have lots mo money to give to kids for Christmas.

But Dar’s More

If you tink you’ve had it wit elections for a while, tink again. De qualifyin for mayor uf Lake Charles is Jan. 11-13. De election iz March 25.

Way tings are lookin rat now, we could have az many az what wuz in de U.S. Senate race. Dar’s lots uf signs up all over de city already, and lots uf rumors uf udders plannin to jump in.

Here’s who we know iz plannin to jump in … at least day have signs up: Marshall Simien, Nic Hunter, Eligha Guillory, Dana Jackson, Wilford Carter, Joe Banks, Tony Guillory an Chris Landry. An now dar are rumors dat former House speaker Chuck Kleckley will jump in.

Watch dis election, folks. It will mean new faces on de City Council an a new police chief an a whole lot more changes. Watch de papers, folks. Day will give you a pretty good idea uf how to handicap dis race. We’ll look at dis a lot closer down de road.

Time To Quit Sittin On Dar Hands

Lots uf folks, includin me, are fed up wit politicians in our area doin nuttin to move de infrastructure improvements along. Instead, day have meetins and make shure de media iz dar to report on how great a job day say day are doin.

It’s time for action — because I can tell you it’s not too late for some uf dem industries to move out.

Cameron is facin issues, too, wit its ferry system. Come on, politicians! Let’s get on de stick.

Common Core And WWF

If you follow de Trump appointees, you will see he named Betty Devos Secretary uf Education. Now, you what’s followed education at de state an federal level know Devos is for school vouchers an against Common Core. Also nominated by Trump is Linda McMahon, billionaire owner uf de WWF.

Me an Max an Slim wuz speculatin on some uf de questions Congress would be axin. We all agreed de hearins will make a great movie. Wonder if Steve Cole and de Junk Yard Dog will be in dem.

We Will Miss You, Doc

My good fran and de fran uf many in dis area an state, Dr. David Kestle, passed away recently. He had served in many positions, including president uf de La. Dental Assoc., Delta Waterfowl an de National Wild Turkey Federation. Always ready to tell or enjoy a good story, Doc will be missed by many in dis area.

Deep Taughts While Watchin Football On TV

10) Do de Saints really suck or what?

9) How many mo gonna jump in de Lake Charles mayor’s race?

8) Does LSU realize how big a problem Lane Kiffen would be as an assistant coach?

7) Who did dem politicians tink day wuz foolin when day talked about buildin a

new bridge?

6) When iz de crime in Jeff Davis Parish gonna stop?

5) Why does de muffler on my neighbor’s car sound like a freight train?

4) Can we go trew a day without a boil order for Allen Parish?

3) Will any Lake Charles City Council member get a free ride?

2) How iz Mardi Gras shapin up for 2017?

1) How can I ever tank all dose who came to my aid while I was in de hospital

for over a month?

Final Shot

I axed my fran Lefty if he had helped drain de swamp by votin for conservatives. He sed he went to de swamp in D.C., but dar were too many snakes in it.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.

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