Spring Style

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Spring Style

In Spring 2018, Comfortable, Casual Clothes Emerge Triumphant

By Brad Goins

Photos of McKenzie McManus By Maggie Bradshaw, Fashions Provided By Mimosa Boutique


This spring’s looks are quite a bit more comfortable and casual than those of the last few years.

The impression one gets from the spring runway models is that of a fashion-conscious woman who knows about trends but isn’t hooked into wearing outré, top-dollar designer dresses. She wakes up; puts on a several stylish items of clothing — perhaps a couple in contrasting or clashing colors or patterns; then she’s done. Pullovers, coats and jackets blend easily into this style. Oversized pieces are part of the look.

Fashion writers are calling this sort of simple DIY fashion “street style.” As I’m not a fashion expert, the casual but stylish look had me thinking of the style Dianne Keaton created for the movie Annie Hall in 1977. But the folks who are in the know about all this say authoritatively that the decade that’s being referenced most often in 2018 is the 1980s.

One strong piece of evidence for that claim is that fanny packs are back in fashion. Yes, fanny packs. Put one big, bold stroke in the column of those who claim that in fashion, everything comes back around eventually.

“The look this spring is vintage retro,” says Lauren Monroe of Mimosa Boutique in Lake Charles. “Late ‘70s, ‘80s, even the ‘40s, with knotted ties and button-down shirts.”

“Skorts” are making a reappearance, says Monroe, and embroidery is also popular, she says, especially in dressier clothes.

Overalls are being seen a lot this spring, especially in dresses, says Monroe.


Other 2018 trends that follow that principal are an almost universal usage of denim and fringe. From the bottom-floor up. Each piece of some ensembles have the look of light blue denim.

“Denim is always going to be very big,” says Lauren Monroe of Mimosa boutique in Lake Charles.

White denim is especially popular this spring, she says.

The acid-wash styles of the ‘80s are also making a reappearance.

“The distressed, faded denim is big this spring,” says Monroe.


Ripped jeans will also be in style. But denim is so big now that looks like dark, crisp and tailored denim garments will also be quite in fashion.

Ankle-length denim pants are also big.

If you bought pink for last spring, you can bring it out again as if nothing had changed. Pink remains a major look, especially light blush pink, says Monroe.

But there’s a wide variety of pink hues seen on the runways — everything from the pale, pink rose hues to the attention-grabbing neon pink.

There’s going to be lots of fringe out there. Fringe is another of the retro elements that are so prominent this spring. You’ll see it not just at the end of sleeves and pants and the bottoms of dresses, but also incorporated into clothing that covers the torso.


“We’re seeing a lot of frayed hems — raw edges — on denim clothes,” says Monroe.

I’ve heard that all this fringe can get tangled. You may need to take a great big comb to it from time to time.

The use of drawstrings (for example, in jackets or even sweatshirts) is an especially good example of how utilitarian, practical and casual the street style looks of spring 2018 can be.

If vertical stripes work well for your figure, spring 2018 can be a very flattering time for you. Stripes are often going all the way up and down the entirety of a dress or ensemble this spring. Both subdued and graphic stripes are perfectly acceptable.

Conservative dress lengths are the most common with this look, although shorter lengths are also in style.

Although checks aren’t as flattering to as many, they are a big look this spring.

Fish net tights were worn by all sorts of punk singers in the late 1970s. But it was the revealing layers of mesh, and the pounds of Goodwill jewelry, that Madonna wore in her 1984 video for the song “Lucky Star” that put the idea of fish nets in the pop mainstream.

This spring, you’ll be in style if you wear fish nets under pants and skirts. If it helps, just remember how Madonna piled one layer of clothing on top of another in those early videos and movies.

In summary, the first half of 2018 is going to be pretty egalitarian in fashion looks. You won’t have to be rich, uptight or uncomfortable to be in style. And you won’t have to devote great blocks of time to assembling a look that’s in style.

Of course, it won’t hurt to have a fashion sense. If the above tips aren’t enough for you, you can preface your shopping trips by looking at the thousands of runway photos to be seen on Pinterest or the sites of the well-known fashion magazines. Whether a woman enjoys shopping for clothes or doesn’t really make an effort, she portrays an image. Regardless of how a woman wants to dress, she still has to stay within the bounds of the styles that each season gives her.

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