Emily In Paris Furor

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Emily In Paris Furor

Emily in Paris dominated headlines even before season three’s release date on Dec. 21 on Netflix. With a celebrated writer and producer, Darren Star of Sex and the City fame, and an electric cast including newcomers and established faces, such as Lily Collins and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Emily in Paris has become a successful behemoth of a show. 

Season three’s press tour kicked off with killer outfits and magazine cover after magazine cover featuring Lily Collins — including French Vogue, Vogue Greece, Harper’s Bazaar Spain and Marie Claire Australia. 

Emily in Paris is such a popular show that Jeff Skinner, an NHL player with the Buffalo Sabres, was caught on video on the ice talking to his teammate Mattias Samuelsson about the show. “This season she gets bangs,” Skinner exclaimed. And it’s not the first time Skinner has shared his admiration for the show. He also praised the show back in January, 2022. Star Lily Collins reposted the video to her Instagram story saying, “Well this is one @emilyinparis crossover I wasn’t expecting.”

Female influencers are still posting TikToks and Reels showing them attempting to dress like the show’s protagonist — think bold colors, crazy patterns and unexpected pairings. Fashion plays as big a part as any character in this show. Much like Carrie Bradshaw, you will be left scratching your head about how Emily manages to dress the way she does as an employee of a marketing agency. 

The fashion was toned down in a way this season as a new costume designer took on the task of dressing Emily. Marylin Fitoussi found much of the clothing at thrift or vintage stores. She even made the feather coat at the beginning of episode 1 that Emily wears at the Eiffel Tower. (This was honestly my favorite look of the whole season, possibly the whole series.) However, Emily does sport a spring, 2022, Dolce & Gabbana zebra print jacket with shoulders as big as angel wings. And we repeatedly see the inevitable platform heels that dominated society all of last year. Stiletto heels are so 2021, Emily indicates. 

If you still doubt that Emily in Paris a commercial success, just take into account that there is now official Emily in Paris merchandise. (A Champére Single Bottle Canvas Wine Bag, Chex Lavaux Acacia Cheese Cutting Board and Tools Set, Pierre Cadault Suitcase, and a Pierre Cadault Paint splatter baby onesie are just some of the offerings. Vahdam Teas has also released a tea collection in partnership with Emily in Paris.) According to Women’s Wear Daily, Saks Fifth Avenue will begin handling some high-end Emily in Paris merchandise.

Season Three Commentary

If you haven’t watched any season of Emily in Paris, the show follows Emily as she leaves Chicago to temporarily work at an upscale ad agency in Paris. She quickly runs awry of her French colleagues due to culture clash. Emily wants to talk about work at parties; the French don’t talk about work outside of work. Emily wants to start work bright and early; the French don’t arrive until 10 am. Emily doesn’t speak French; the French are proud of their language and appreciate people who make an effort. 

Season three dives back into the will-they won’t-they dynamic between Emily and Gabriel, a chef, who have been trying unsuccessfully to get together since the first season. Gabriel had a girlfriend Camille, some Frenchy drama ensued and the dynamic around the three friends/sometimes lovers is somewhat tenuous. However, in season two, Emily attained a British boyfriend, Alfie, who is quite a hottie himself.

Season three sees Alfie attaining a permanent job in Paris to be near Emily; Camille having a liaison on the side while living with Gabriel; Mindy, Emily’s BFF, finding success as a solo singer; and Sylvie, Emily’s boss, opening her own PR agency. Gabriel is busy trying to get a Michelin star and thinking about settling down and starting a family. It’s all soap and cheese. But sometimes soap and cheese is just what the doctor would prescribe.

Emily in Paris season three was released on Dec. 21 and by Dec. 24 had gained the No. 1 spot on Netflix in the world. When I originally watched season 1, I thought the show was pretty shallow, but at the same time I couldn’t stop watching it. Emily was annoying and some of the social situations were ridiculous, but I couldn’t look away. For season two I had similar feelings. (Fans will know exactly what I’m talking about.)

However, season three took me by surprise. While we still expect Emily to flub up 75-percent of the time, there’s less overt silliness. The characters have grown, matured, are moving forward toward what they want in life and are taking responsibility for their actions. However, how can Mindy just get over Benoit in a day and pick up with that annoying “Nacho” guy? I’m still upset about that. 

And Alfie is a gem of a boyfriend. He gives Emily a taste of what it is like to have a healthy relationship. The whole drama with Gabriel was toxic, but Alfie is committed to her and there’s no drama. While fans are pretty much split 50/50 in polls over which man they prefer for Emily, I’m firmly Team Alfie! Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie, is a star of his own due to the show and is rumored to be in the running to play the next James Bond. Yes, please.

Creator Darren Star says this season is “about the power of making choices and the consequences that follow.” So even though Glamour ran an article lamenting the change in French fox Gabriel, saying, “Gabriel is stiff, boring, and lacking all the flirty charm,” my viewpoint is that the character is leaving his wishy-washiness behind, because as Jean-Paul Sartre said, “not choosing is still a choice.”

Where will the show go after that season finale? I have no idea, but I’m excited for it. In the meantime, I might have to fly to France to try the McBaguette. Yes, it’s real!

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