Things You Have To Figure Out For Yourself

Pierre Fontenot Friday, October 28, 2022 Comments Off on Things You Have To Figure Out For Yourself
Things You Have To Figure Out For Yourself

Art By Tabitha Rey

Everyone starts out blank

1.  Figuring out who you are.  

2.  Figuring out the purpose of life. 

3.  …and your purpose within life. 

No diplomas for this stuff

4.  Figuring out you ‘n God.  

      Is He is, or is he ain’t?  Your life, your vote.

5.  Figuring out you ‘n spouse. 

6.  Figuring out you ‘n children.

7.  Figuring out what’s broke in you, and fixing it.  Between God, spouse, 

      children, plus a few of the rest of us, you’ll get the hint.

If you’re living, you’re learning

8.  Figuring out time.

9.  Figuring out head ‘n heart, which is better at what.

10.  Figuring out how to heal. 

11.  Facing death.

12. (The thing that should be on the list, but isn’t.)  

       That’s you talking to you.


Were I a prayin’ type fella, it might go like this:

Our heavenly Father,

You could’ve taken all the If out,

Made us angels from the git-go.

Or you could’ve made us like the animals,

Living, but missing the spark

Of spirit, sense of self.

Art By TKenton Nelson

Instead, You gave us blank canvas,

And free will, 

Free to paint good,

Free to paint bad,

Free to just waste the paint.

We’ve got this unseen gauge inside us,

That reads hot ‘n cold,

Right ‘n wrong,

Near ‘n far,

From what?

From You?

We’re trying. 

We get riper with age.

Figure it’s easier to go Your way

With You,

Than our way

Without You…


This concludes this edition of Uncle P’s Bedtime Stories. 

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Lagniappe: “It’s tragic how few people ever possess their souls before they die. Nothing is more rare in any man, than an act of his own. Most people are other people.” Oscar Wilde

“…most people are other people…” That’s a meal.  Go be you.

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