Florida Fish Have A Drug Problem

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Florida Fish Have A Drug Problem

Florida International University recently published a three-year study of bonefish living off the South Florida coast. The fish they studied had an average of seven pharmaceutical drugs in their systems. One fish contained 17 different substances. The drugs are entering the fisheries through the wastewater systems. They include blood pressure medications, antidepressants, antibiotics and pain relievers. Researchers said the drugs could be changing the fish’s behavior, making them more susceptible to predators, or affecting their reproduction.

This New Prisoner Is A Real Animal

In South Sudan, a ram murdered a woman by hitting her in the ribs. She died immediately. “The owner is innocent,” said police chief Major Elijah Mabor, “and the ram is the one who perpetrated the crime, so it deserves to be arrested.” However, the owner has been ordered to pay five cows to the victim’s family.

Let The Mail Trucks Fight It Out

In a Pasadena, Md., community, two letter carriers got into a fight in the street. One witness said one of the mail carriers “punched the window on the other one’s mail truck,” and that “one backed up and slammed into the other one like bumper cars.” Another witness said, “There was mail all over the street. They kept going around the block, and at one point, they were front-to-front, hitting their bumpers together.” Residents called 911, and the postal service sent other carriers to pick up the mail, which was delivered by 7 pm. People along the route said their regular carrier was on vacation, so the angry stand-ins were unfamiliar to them.

Police Car Struck By Horse

Orwell, Ohio, police called the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office for help in corralling a drunk driving suspect. It wasn’t your typical “reckless operator.” Nathan Miller was charged with DUI. However, he was driving his horse-drawn Amish buggy on the wrong side of the road. Officers were able to get in front of the horse and buggy, but the rig didn’t stop. It turned out Miller was passed out in the driver’s seat. While deputies tried to get control of the horse, it crashed into a patrol car. Miller was treated for injuries at the scene.

Reproduce Immediately!

The BBC reported on an unusual lawsuit filed in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand by Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, parents of Shrey Sagar, against their son on the grounds of mental cruelty. The elders are demanding compensation of $650,000 if Shrey and his wife do not produce a child within a year. Sanjeev said they spent all their savings on their son, sending him to the United States for pilot training, and that he returned to India but lost his job and required their support for two more years. They arranged a lavish wedding and reception for him. But after six years, said the parents, the couple “are still not planning a baby. At least if we have a grandchild to spend time with, our pain will become bearable.”

Trailer Park Justice

At the Palm Haven Mobile Home Park in St. Petersburg, Fla., Christine Terman, 57, became angry because a chicken belonging to her neighbor, Lawrence Stenzel, had been defecating on the patio. So, according to the arrest report, Terman “retrieved a bucket of pee from her bathroom” and threw it at Stenzel. The bucket struck him in the face, “causing him pain.” But worse, the police report said, “the victim was wet when we arrived and smelled of urine.” Terman fessed up to the dousing and was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor battery charge; her boyfriend was also arrested for threatening Stenzel in the presence of the officers.

Checking Those Boxes

Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, 19, was arrested on May 12 in the Florida Keys for reckless driving and fleeing from a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy. When the officer finally caught her, Douglas told him that getting arrested had been on her bucket list since high school. Congratulations, Janiya. That’s one down.

Human ‘Collie’ Looks ‘Real’

A man in Japan, identified as Toko, has spent $16,000 trying to make himself look like a collie. Toko contracted with a professional company called Zeppet, which makes sculptures and costumes for movies and amusement facilities, to create a costume that is extremely realistic. It took 40 days to build. “I made it a collie because it looks real when I put on,” Toko said. “Long-haired dogs can mislead the human figure. I met such a condition and made collie, my favorite breed of dog.”

Still Needs A Little More Training

During a BBC broadcast of the French Open tennis championship, the news ticker at the bottom of the screen briefly read, “Manchester United are rubbish.” Later, BBC anchor Anita McVeigh issued an on-air apology. She said the headline had been written by someone who was learning how to operate the ticker. “Behind the scenes, someone was training to learn how to put text on the ticker. So they were just writing random things. It wasn’t meant to appear on screen. I hope that Manchester United fans weren’t offended by it,” she said.

Lumpy Couch Not So Bad

Vicky Umodu of Colton, Calif., was thrilled to find two free sofas and a matching chair on Craigslist. She was skeptical about them. But the owners explained that a family member had passed away, and they were liquidating the possessions. When she got the furniture home, she felt some kind of item in one of the cushions and thought it might be a heating pad. Upon further inspection, she found several envelopes filled with cash. “I was just telling my son, ‘Come, come, come!’ I was screaming, ‘This is money! I need to call the guy!’” Umodu found $36,000 in total. She returned the cash to the family, who told her they had found other hidden stashes in the deceased man’s home, but not in such large amounts. As a gesture of thanks, they gave Umodu $2,200, money she needed for a refrigerator. “I was not expecting a dime from him,” she said.

Great Art At Goodwill

When Laura Young picked up a marble bust from the floor of a Goodwill store in Austin, Texas, she couldn’t have imagined the saga that was about to unfold. Her $35 bust is believed to be a centuries-old sculpture of Pompey the Great, missing from the collection of King Ludwig I of Bavaria since World War II. Experts suspect an American soldier brought the bust to the United States after the war. The piece will visit the San Antonio Museum of Art until next year, when it will be returned to Germany. 

Bubba Engineering

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s officers were called out at 3:30 am when a house found on a trailer attached to a truck was, apparently, abandoned in the middle of a road. The rig was blocking the road, and signs, mailboxes and trees had been damaged along the way. In addition, power lines and poles had been hit, knocking out power to 700 customers in the area. Deputies arrested Tony Domingue and Nico Comeaux. The two had earlier been told by police that they needed permits to move the home. But they went ahead and tried to do it on their own anyway. Both men were held at the Iberia Parish jail.

One More Time: Don’t Approach The Bison

In May, a 25-year-old woman from Gove City, Ohio, approached a bison at Black Sand Basin in Yellowstone National Park. The National Park Service showed little sympathy in its press release about the incident: “The bison gored the woman and tossed her 10 feet into the air. Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park are wild and can be dangerous when approached.” The woman was transported to a nearby medical center with a puncture wound and other injuries, and eventually recovered.

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