‘Law Talk’

Brad Goins Thursday, December 9, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Law Talk’
‘Law Talk’

New Radio Show To Answer The Public’s Legal Questions 

By Brad Goins

A new radio call-in talk show will enable listeners to get answers for their legal questions and learn about the big legal issues in their area. “Law Talk” will air on Saturdays from 2 to 3 pm on News Talk 104.1 FM in Lake Charles, and 98.5 FM and 1520 AM in Lafayette. Listeners can also download the app at News-talk 104.1 FM. The public can pick up the broadcast everywhere from the Sabine to the Atchafalaya.

‘Law Talk’ hosts Jonathan “The Law Dawg” Fontenot and Mark Judson

The show’s hosts will field listeners’ legal questions, discuss current legal topics, share their approaches to particular legal issues and otherwise “use their legal skills and knowledge to the betterment of the community,” says co-host Mark Judson.

The types of questions most likely to be asked will relate to contractor dispute issues, power of attorney and community property, and procedural questions about the Law Center’s sliding fees.

Judson, who is also known as “The Director” is the executive director of the agency that is responsible for the radio show: the SWLA Law Center. He has experience in real estate law, family law and successions, and in a general civil practice. His main hobby is being the radio play-by-play announcer for Barbe High School football — an occupation he’s pursued for 24 years.

Jonathan “The Law Dawg” Fontenot will co-host the show. This Cameron Parish native and outdoorsman has had a varied law practice. He is a former felony prosecutor who’s worked on such civil law matters as personal injury and environmental cases. He also handles criminal defense cases. The Law Dawg also raises dogs. “The secret to our success is that by adding Mark ‘The Director’s’ compassion with the complete void of emotions from the ‘Law Dawg,’ they make one complete attorney,” says Fontenot.

How Did It Happen?

The idea for the program came about in the law center itself. Every day at 3 pm or so, Jonathan, Mark and long-time lawyer Winfield Little have coffee at the Law Center and discuss cases, tell stories and bounce ideas off each other. Most of these discussions wind up with laughter. 

One day it occurred to Judson that the “coffee break conversations (or at least PG-rated versions thereof) would make for a great radio show.”

The three attorneys kicked the notion around for a while and the idea of “Law Talk” was born.  

Judson “then pitched the idea to different local radio stations, none of whom were interested. Finally, the station on which I broadcast the Barbe football games, 104.1 FM, owned by Delta Media out of Lafayette, called and said they had Saturday afternoons at 2 available. I grabbed it.”

Why Do It?

“Law Talk,” says Judson, “provides useful, helpful info in a fun way.” In addition, “we enjoy doing it!”

“Law Talk” is a public service of the SWLA Law Center. The center aims to provide representation to the under-resourced of Southwest Louisiana. As was noted above, it offers sliding scale fees.

Pilot editions of “Law Talk” are presently being funded by private donors who are Law Center Supporters.  The program’s organizers are working to develop long-term sponsors who appreciate the mission of the Law Center and the community service that “Law Talk” provides.

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