Hey! No Partying At Work

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Hey! No Partying At Work

Three Metro-North Railroad employees were suspended without pay for turning a storage room under New York City’s Grand Central Terminal into a man cave, complete with a television, refrigerator, microwave and futon couch, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Investigators found the space after receiving an anonymous tip that the three employees — a wireman, a carpenter foreman and an electrical foreman — had built a secret room where they would “hang out and get drunk and party.”

I Can Too Fly A Plane

Sheriff’s deputies in La Push, Wash., said they received a report of a suspicious person trying to rent an airplane without a pilot’s license at the Jefferson County International Airport. The man, later identified as Richard Jordal, next tried his luck at Tailspin Tommy’s, a plane rental business housed at the airport. He was again refused. Surveillance video showed Jordal returning later to steal the keys to a Cessna airplane, which he fueled up before he took off, only to fly the plane erratically. Business owner Nataliya Yeshyrina and her husband watched the plane on radar; they said, “altitude would change dramatically from 5,000 feet to 2,000. He went up and down and then did some loops and twirls.” Authorities said a possible plane crash was reported at 10:30 pm, but no wreckage could be found in the heavily forested area. The next morning, a U.S. Navy helicopter crew returned and found the plane, with Jordal unconscious inside. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Zombies Washed My Car

A company in Toyko called Kowagarasetai (which translates to “Scare Squad”) has launched a drive-thru haunted house that allows patrons to socially distance from its zombies. With customers safely sealed inside their cars, the zombies do their best to scare the occupants, draping themselves over the cars and smearing the vehicles with fake blood. “The distance (between customers and cast) has actually gotten shorter since there is only a window between them,” said Daichi Ono, a cast member. After the show, zombies help clean the cars when the 13-minute show is over.

Famous Street Corn

Residents of Sioux Falls, S.D., were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected presence of a corn stalk growing up through a crack in the pavement at a busy intersection. Dubbed the 57th Street Corn, the stalk had its own Twitter account and was hailed as a symbol of resiliency and hope in hard times; Mayor Paul TenHaken called it “amaizing.” But, as might have been expected, one morning residents went out to discover the plant had been ripped from the ground overnight. This turn of events prompted sorrow on social media as well as a “flower memorial.” “I didn’t want to see her story end like that,” said resident Chad Theisen. Together with his children, Theisen rescued the corn stalk, renamed it Cornelia and nursed it back to health in a 5-gallon bucket. He hopes to find a permanent home for Cornelia with the city’s help.

Can They See Me?

Renowned architect Shigeru Ban is attracting attention with new public toilets he designed in two parks in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The toilets are surrounded by transparent colored glass that turns opaque when the door is locked on the inside. “At night, the facility lights up the park like a beautiful lantern,” said Ban. The technology allows users to see whether the toilet is clean and empty before entering. But users say while that while they are inside, they can’t tell that the glass has turned opaque, and have an unsettled feeling.

Oh, I Just Took A Little Walk

Ukraine International Airlines banned a traveler after she opened an emergency door on a Boeing 737 and went for a walk on the wing as it was waiting at a gate at Boryspil International Airport in Kiev. CNN reported the passenger had traveled from Antalya, Turkey, with her husband and children. Some passengers heard her say she was “too hot” before she popped open the emergency exit and went outside. The airline criticized her for setting an inadequate “parental example” and said she may face “an exceptionally high financial penalty.” Airport security and doctors on the scene determined she was “not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

Drop A Bomb On That Fly

An octogenarian in the village of Parcoul-Chenaud, France, set off a violent explosion in his attempt to kill a fly. Not realizing a gas canister in his home was leaking, the man used an electric fly swatter to battle the insect. This caused an explosion that destroyed his kitchen and damaged the roof of his home. While the man was mostly unharmed, he has had to move to a local campsite while his family makes repairs to the home.

No Bears In The Zoo!

Caesar, a 16-year-old alpaca at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, was killed by a wild brown bear that tunneled under a fence while the facility was closed. Caesar, who had lived at the zoo for 15 years, was “a crowd favorite,” executive director Patrick Lampi said. The hostile bear had been hanging around the zoo, knocking over trash cans and breaking locks, and was later euthanized when it returned. Caesar’s companion alpaca, Fuzzy Charlie, escaped the attack and was unharmed. Lampi said a similar incident took place 20 years ago; that bear was captured and relocated to Duluth, Minn.

This Food Is Probably For Me

A 51-year-old man from St. Cloud, Minn., was released from the Sherburne County Jail in Elk River. As he left the facility, he decided to take with him a DoorDash delivery that had been intended for a correctional officer working there. The officer contacted the former inmate by phone to inquire about his $29.13 order. The man said he thought his family had left it for him. He was cited for theft.

Are You Going To Eat That?

Sept. 22 marked the 60th anniversary of the day 14-year-old Boy Scout Steve Jenne scored a special memento of then-Vice President Richard Nixon’s campaign visit to Jenne’s hometown of Sullivan, Ill. Nixon took a bite of a buffalo barbecue sandwich that day then set it down. “I looked around and thought, ‘If no one else was going to take it, I am going to take it,” Jenne said after the fact. The leftover has been in a glass jar in Jenne’s freezer ever since. In 1988, word of the sandwich earned Jenne a spot on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and led to    his acquiring half-eaten items from Carson and guests Steve Martin, Tiny Tim and Henny Youngman.

Last Time I Stand In Front Of Your Door

A Spanaway, Wash., woman, alerted by her barking dog, opened her door to find a man standing there. As he turned and started to leave, the woman, identified as Sandy, said, “Oh, no, you don’t,” and picked up her shotgun and cocked it. The alleged intruder plopped down on her porch steps and the two waited for police to arrive. “You know, I’ve got grandchildren your age!” Sandy told him. Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies took the man into custody, but Sandy didn’t press charges.

What Could You Do With A Billion Cockroaches?

Cockroach farms are not new in China, where the bugs have long been used in Chinese medicine. A new facility near the city of Jinan is gaining attention for its use of cockroaches as a way to deal with food waste and produce organic protein supplements for animal food at the same time. In four industrial-sized hangars, rows of shelves are filled with food waste collected from restaurants through an elaborate system of pipes. A moat filled with roach-eating fish surrounds each building to keep the roaches from escaping. “In total there are 1 billion cockroaches,” farm manager Yin Diansong said. “Every day they can eat 50 tons of kitchen waste.” Said project director Li Yanrong, “If we can farm cockroaches on a large scale, we can provide protein that benefits the entire ecological cycle.”

Yes, The Horse Is Made Of Candy

Cynthia Lynn Teeple of Jacksboro, Tenn., was charged with public intoxication after Campbell County Sheriff’s deputies found her topless in a LaFollette backyard. Also in the yard were two miniature horses. Homeowners told deputies Teeple had been eating grass and dirt from the horse enclosure, and also chewed on one of the horses’ manes. Teeple told deputies that “the horse’s hair is made of Laffy Taffy and Airhead candy,” according to the arrest report. She admitted she had taken methamphetamine the day before.

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