Goodbye, Andy

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Goodbye, Andy

He was born to fish. Some people are blessed naturally with the burning desire to fish. It is a natural condition that is a wonderful affliction to be born with.

Andy Riché came into this world with the built-in desire to catch as many fish as he possibly could.

He and his dad, Boo, spent many quality hours together enjoying this great pastime and loving every minute.

Andy was an all-around outstanding athlete who starred at Sulphur High School, participating at a high level in several sports. From there, he landed on the McNeese baseball diamond in leftfield.  He was a four-year letterman and a leader on several top-tier teams with the Cowboys. He was a natural, with excellent speed, agility and timing.

This boy comes from great stock. His dad, Boo, had sprinter speed and his mom, Linda (Lantrip), had great genes that she shared with her brother Kenneth and got from their dad, Coach Billy Lantrip. All contributed positively to the make-up of Andy Riché.

Make no mistake — as much as he loved competing in sports, they all took a back seat to his true passion: fishing.  He prided himself on a deadly hook-set in an attempt to cross the fishes’ eyes. This powerful athlete shattered more than one rod with his power-set. He allegedly inherited that ability from Uncle Kenneth Lantrip.

At a very young age, Andy was bound and determined to put his fair share of the fish in the box. He received first class instructions on the fine art of fishing from his dad, Boo, and Uncles Keith and Kenneth Lantrip. He soaked it all up and could not wait to try some new techniques on his next fishing excursion.

Andy proved to be an attentive student when it came to fishing and listened carefully when these seasoned anglers spoke. He figured out rather quickly what worked and what did not. Fishing was great fun, and he made the most of it.

He was not particular; any species of fish or style of catching them would do. He just enjoyed having something to stretch his line. It was all good.

Andy set the hook hard, starting from the heels and working the power up through his rod. Boo called it the “gorilla set.”

Just two weeks before Andy’s passing away, he and his Dad made a night fishing trip to Toledo Bend. The highlight of the trip was a strapping five-pound bass that made both Riché boys smile. Andy, rightfully so, caught the lunker bass, and it put an exclamation point on a great trip.

Boo knew just where to spread his fishing buddy’s ashes. He went directly to where Andy caught his five pounder.  Friends and family were all there.

Andy’s former teammates and friends came from all over to say goodbye. These were first-class ex-players who came to show their respect for their brother.

There were great stories of Andy’s many athletic accomplishments, and most of them factual. But, his first love was spending his time on the water — one with Mother Nature.

The Angler’s Prayer

God give me the life to fish 

until my dying day

And when I have made my last cast

I humbly pray

That in the Lord’s

safe landing net

I am peacefully asleep

That in his mercy I be judged

As big enough to keep.


God Bless Andy Riché 


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