Time For Something Fun

Rocke Fournet Thursday, July 2, 2020 Comments Off on Time For Something Fun
Time For Something Fun

It has certainly been a summer to remember, for all the wrong reasons.  Only the strong will survive.

The entire world has struggled mightily through a pandemic involving a virus known as COVID-19. Pretty much everything was shut down, and the quarantine was on. Businesses were closed, and everyone was advised to stay at home.  

Bryan McCauley

Hope is high that the worst is behind us. Businesses are beginning to re-open and show some signs of life.

Hopefully, we are over the hump, and life goes on.

As the American public is gasping for air, we are beset with another tragedy. This one has racial overtones that have sparked riots and also peaceful demonstrations. We have been down this road before, but the journey does not get any easier.

In the blessed words of Rodney King as he pleaded to the righteous people, “Can’t we just get along?” Kindness could go a long way to resolving our current self-inflicted predicament.

Take for example the black youngster who delivered a case of water to cops lined up in full riot gear, doing their jobs. Every cop, black and white, thanked the kid for the water and his kindness for treating them like fellow human beings. We are all in this together.

Now, for some good news.

Lizzy Carroll

After suffering through the virus and being locked in quarantine, it was time for something fun. Many local sportsmen headed out into Mother Nature to enjoy the great outdoors.

Clint Burchfield and Lizzy Carroll had been quarantined long enough and headed out the door. They headed up to their secret honey hole fishing spot just to break the monotony.

Clint heard the scream of joy as Lizzy latched on to a bass. He was all smiles as he headed over to watch the show. Lizzy was holding her own with the best bass of her life. Her light-test tackle was stressed to the limit, but did not fail her. This post COVID-19 bass was the cure for the quarantine blues. You could not wipe the smile off Clint’s face.

The McCauley boys headed to old faithful Lacassine Reserve on a recent trip in order to preserve their sanity.

Dad and Bryan McCauley headed up the group of boys, who all love their fishing.

It was a slow day, but it only takes one catch to turn a fishing trip right around. Armed with his favorite swim bait, Fischer “Buttercup” McCauley hooked into his first bass of the day. The youngster went from “I’m hung up” to “this is a 10-pounder!” with one set of the hook. He made all the right moves and boated his fish of a lifetime, a certified 7-pounder. It was hard to figure who was more excited — Dad, “Buttercup” or his brothers.

It was only appropriate this 17-year-old fisherman scored a seven-pound bass and life is good!

It is hurricane season, which gives people something to worry about besides demonstrating in the streets. Keep a cool head and God Bless America!

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