A Real Marsh Lunker

Rocke Fournet Thursday, June 18, 2020 Comments Off on A Real Marsh Lunker
A Real Marsh Lunker

This was a trip to always be remembered. The spread of the dreaded coronavirus has rocked everyone’s world. It has certainly been a learning experience we hope not to duplicate anytime soon. If nothing else, events such as what we have just endured prepare you for most anything. We will survive.

Mason Bordelon wore this big marsh bass down like a pro.

How do you keep some semblance of your sanity with the coronavirus pandemic right around every corner?  Here is a novel solution; Go hunting!

The spring turkey season was open, and Bobby “Bobcat” George needed to get out of the house in the worst way. He did not have to travel far from his home in northwest Louisiana. In the prudent interest of keeping his sanity, Bob headed out in the morning as the sun rose.

It did not take long before an old Tom turkey responded to his yelp call, and this show was on. 

The gobbler “bought the farm” as he glided in like he was on a string into Bob’s shotgun zone.

This big beautiful Tom weighed in at more than 22 pounds and put a big smile on Bobby’s face you could not wipe off with a coronavirus report. This is why we hunt.

There was no doubt about it! Dusty Bordelon and son, Mason both agreed they needed to make a move. Both anglers checked their fishing gear, and this trip was underway.

The Big Burns marsh was their go-to spot, and as scenic marshes go, this is as good as it gets. It felt great to get out in Mother Nature, and forget about the woes of the world. The marsh, and all of its many wildlife inhabitants, put on a spectacular show.

Bobcat George and his Coronavirus turkey.

After being cooped up for too long, it felt extra good to get to and enjoy the great outdoors. The marsh was greened-up beautifully, with no shortage of critters and birds that put a finishing touch on a great trip.

Dad and son were busy chunking and winding when a big marsh bass exploded the lily pads. 

Mason was on point and set the hook hard like his dad taught him. It was a Mexican stand-off as the young angler battled a real marsh lunker. 

At this moment, the COVID-19 pandemic was far out of sight and out of mind for both anglers.

Mason wore down the fish like a pro and Dad was right there to do the honor of lipping the fish. 

This was a special father-son moment neither will ever forget. Mason’s Big Burns hawg weighed in at six pounds, one ounce, and was his biggest bass to date!

Gecko Boy and Owlette (Daniel and Sofia Fournet).

How do you spell “relief” for the Coronavirus? Mason and his dad spell it “his son’s biggest fish ever”!

Select businesses are beginning to cautiously re-open with the threat of uncertainty as to the return of COVID cases. When in doubt, take every precaution to heed the advice of medical professionals and stay safe.

Every cloud has a silver lining. We have learned some hard lessons from dealing with the pandemic. 

Simple pleasures should be enjoyed to the fullest and never taken for granted. Life can be short, so enjoy it while you can.

A very communicable disease such as this has a way of adjusting your priorities. Our personal priorities are to spoil our grandchildren as much as possible and then do it all over again.

Check out handsome “Gecko boy,” Daniel Fournet, and Owlette, the beautiful Sofia, his sister.

Happy fishing!

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