Toldeo Bend Hawgs

Rocke Fournet Thursday, April 2, 2020 Comments Off on Toldeo Bend Hawgs

The sun is setting low in the western sky. The weather has finally cleared out after several major weather systems have barreled through. Nothing like a clear Louisiana sunset.

Jared Lejeune with a catch and release bass.

The month of March is famous for its winds, and it has certainly lived up to its reputation this year. It has blown out of just about every direction and the one constant has been its velocity.

Mandy Lejeune and her fisher husband, Jared, headed up to Pirate’s Cove on Toledo Bend for a shot at a lunker bass. The spring spawn is approaching, and it is an opportune time to get a shot at a bass of a lifetime. Mandy was all in and just glad to be there.

The weather, however, did not cooperate, and the March winds cranked it up. Most sane fishermen looked for a spot relatively out of the wind; there were not many available. The boats were stacked in any protected areas. A protected cove was a Godsend amongst the white caps.

At times like these, patience is a great virtue to possess. The good news is the fish are still there and there is no shortage. Good fishermen can still put together a very respectable skillet full of fish. You just have to be patient and wait your turn.

Mandy and Jared held their own and scored several fish that made their day and then some. It felt good just to be there!

Mandy Lejeune with the one that did not get away.

Mandy had a giant that snapped her line on an ultra-light rig that will keep them coming back for more!

Also tagging along was Pedro Montelongo, who was experiencing Toledo Bend for his rookie trip. All anglers endured the tough weather conditions and wind, and it paid off. This is why spring fishing can be so much fun.

Everybody in the group caught a lunker bass, and that was enough to make them eager to come back for more. All these big sow bass were released so they could spawn their eggs and grow bigger. This is what spring fishing is all about.

Everybody had a smile on their face and a large bass in their hands.  Pedro scored his first of many Toledo Bend hawgs and vows to return. Life is good!

Mandy broke out her ultra-light tackle, and very soon — wouldn’t you know it? — a giant bass came out of the water after destroying her favorite Zebco reel and breaking her line. This was the one they were after. But she vowed to come back and try again another day.



Pedro Montelongo’s first Toledo Bend lunker

The world watches as confirmed cases of the coronavirus spread all over the world. It is a serious threat to the health of the world as people do their best to prepare themselves. There isn’t much you can do but watch and wait for this scary situation to play out. The best cure is to follow the lead of your fellow anglers and go fishing. This is how it is done in Louisiana! God bless America!


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