Awesome Hill Country Buck

Rocke Fournet Thursday, February 6, 2020 Comments Off on Awesome Hill Country Buck
Awesome Hill Country Buck

Hunting seasons are now but a memory. As usual, there were some highs, accompanied by a few lows. There is a purpose for not being successful on every hunt. It is a crapshoot, but a lead-pipe cinch you will be more appreciative of a good hunt after experiencing a slow day or two.

Tyler Stricklin after a great duck hunt

In the case of 13-year-old man-child Tyler Stricklin, the duck hunting this year was awesome. It was generally an off-year for most. But Tyler and crew had consistent success through most of the season. This hunting was right up Tyler’s alley.

The youngster hooked up with his grandpa, Glen Collett, and practiced his shotgun shooting skills. From day one, Tyler was a natural shooter and able to crush the clays at the shooting range. It was prime time to test his shooting skills on an erratic flying duck.

Tyler and his grandpa were early to their marsh blind, and the countdown was on until legal shooting time. It did not take long before the birds began to mill around.

Before they knew it, some birds fell for the decoy that was set up and put their landing gears down. Tyler flicked off his safety on the birds’ final approach. The youngster squeezed off a shot and one fine fat canvasback drake plummeted from the sky. On his first hunt, and his first shot, he scored a bird suitable for mounting.

You could not figure who was happier, grandpa or grandson. Either way, they were both smiling with grins that would not go away. This event will remain vivid in the minds of both of these duck hunters for the rest of their lives. And a new duck hunter is born.

Daxton Everage with his awesome buck

They finished with a nice bag of grey ducks and canvasbacks to put the exclamation point on a great day. Both grandson and grandpa are looking forward to next year’s season opener.

Check out Daxton Everage with an awesome hill country buck taken this year. West Texas was the go-to place for Dax and his dad, Chad.

This hunt provided a great break from the books at Barbe High School. Daxton had scored a few does in his deer hunting past, but this was the very first buck he has harvested.  He is off to a great start with this healthy, mature eight-pointer. It was a perfect father-son adventure, and both look forward to next season.

The very near future is bright for spring fishing here in the great state of Louisiana. Locally, redfish numbers are off the wall, with beaucoup, big schools of them showing up early this year. Decent speckled trout began tearing it up last summer, so hopes are high that those numbers will improve this spring.

It is an exciting time to be a freshwater fisherman. The spring spawn is fast approaching, when big sow bass head into the shallows to lay their eggs. It is an opportune time to “catch the lunker of a lifetime.”

Get your fishing gear together and your casting arm in shape for a Louisiana-style fishing adventure.

McNeese football enters a new spring season with a new head coach.  Ardent McNeese fans extend an open arms Cajun welcome to Frank Wilson who assumes the reins. Good luck to him, and support your local Cowboys!

Also, you have got to give it up for the LSU Tigers for an incredible perfect season. Congrats to the Tigers and Coach O!

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