Reason To Rejoice

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Reason To Rejoice

There is nothing that is comparable to scoring your first buck. This is a moment that will endure the test of time. Every detail of this most memorable hunt will always be crystal clear in your memory and available to enjoy any time you desire.

Austin Hebert with his first buck.


Eleven-year-old Austin Hebert was itching to score his first buck. He had successfully scored a doe last season, and this year he was hankering to get ‘er done on a buck!

He and dad Jason loaded up and were bound for Comfort, Texas. Austin squeezed off a steady round and dropped a respectable eight pointer neither father nor son will ever forget. His buck was taken on the very aptly named Bone Collector Ranch. This is why we hunt.

Kevin James and his young hunter son, Hayden headed north to the hills of Arkansas. Hayden was bound and determined to pull the trigger on a buck suitable for mounting.

He got his wish, dropping a 10-point buck he will always remember. There were high-fives all-around, as the youngster and his old man celebrated his first buck. Hallelujah and let us fry some backstrap! This is reason to rejoice.

Emmy with the hog she took out at 150 yards.


This was a family affair. The entire Dupre clan packed up and headed north to the rolling hills surrounding Toledo Bend. Eric, his wife, and son packed in a blind, and this deer hunt was on. The plan was to get a shot opportunity for Mom or her son.

The buck was on the move, trailing a hot doe, and offered a moving shot. Mom and Junior did not feel comfortable with the shot. But Eric bore down and squeezed off a sweet shot. The Dupres were in the kill zone, and all very grateful to have experienced the thrill of harvesting a mature eight point buck.

Kyle Chiasson redeemed himself with an awesome 12-point taken near Winnfield, La. But, believe it or not, the really big Toledo Bend bruiser buck is alive and well. An absolute monster buck was hot on a doe and stopped broadside at 40 yards. Kyle leveled down and executed a perfect trigger pull. The firing pin struck the bullet to no avail. Kyle carefully slid the bolt back and ejected the faulty bullet into his hand so it would not make a sound. The buck was on red alert now, and in a flash, disappeared as Kyle’s blood pressure skyrocketed.

Reed Falcon after a duck hunt with dad Michael.

Kyle has since recovered and plans a return trip with his family for a second chance. When it comes to deer hunting, if it can happen, it will.

Put a feather in the cap of Stephen F. Austin’s basketball team. They recently played lights out against the always first-class Duke Blue Devils. The underdog Lumberjacks did their thing, scoring a huge upset that represented the Southland Conference. Every great once in a while, the team not favored has the mojo and refuses to lay down. With class and candor, Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski said after the game, “We got beat because they played better.” That’s a first-class act if ever there was one.

Check out the photo corner. That is Emmy, age seven and a straight shooting second grader with a fat hog she took down with a sweet 150-yard shot. The picture was taken by her grandpa, John “Jumpshot” Stacy. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Happy hunting!


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