Positive, Can-Do Attitude

Rocke Fournet Thursday, November 21, 2019 Comments Off on Positive, Can-Do Attitude
Positive, Can-Do Attitude

That was just what the doctor ordered. A cold front just blew through, announcing the fall season. It was a brutally hot summer we endured and the prayers of sportsmen were finally answered with some refreshing cool air.

A fine ten-point buck taken by Melton Monceaux on a pedestal mount.

Hunting seasons are upon us, and all we really needed was a blast of Arctic air to make the world seem right. Get your winter gear ready, as we look forward to making more mounted memories.

Scott Cloud kicked hunting season off with a trip west to Kansas. This is the land of jumbo bucks, and Scott was in the middle of them. Armed with a bow and an arrow, Scott’s well-placed shot laid down a nice blood trail to follow. At the end of the trail lay a big-bodied eight-point with a kicker that made the drive home a piece of cake. It was a great buck to officially kick off a new season.

It is times like these that make you grateful to enjoy the good things in life. That being said, there also exists the other side of the coin. There is a bad element of this world that must be dealt with.

Marcus Fuselier also loves his bow hunting and was looking forward to a great year. He was in the process of moving and had loaded some of his prized possessions into his truck.

He awoke the next morning and then made a discovery. He felt like he had been punched in the gut. His truck, full of priceless hunting gear acquired over the years, had been stolen. Sneaky thieves brazenly stole it during the night out of his driveway. 

Marcus reported the theft to the Sulphur Police Dept. and crossed his fingers that they might luck out and turn up something. He was naturally distraught, but after meeting with law enforcement, he had a ray of hope. The officers were professional and positive about having some success in apprehending the culprits. If they failed, it would not be for lack of effort. Within 48 hours, the police had retrieved Marcus’ truck, and were hot on the trail of some of his items. Through swift and diligent work, their efforts were rewarded.

They tracked down several of Marcus’ prized possessions, including several trophy whitetail deer shoulder mounts. Some sustained minor damage, but it sure softened the blow to get them back where they belonged.

Marcus still took a hit, but it could have been way worse. He will always be grateful to the dedicated cops who are very effective at solving crimes and getting bad guys and girls off the street and locked up where they belong.

Law enforcement gets a bad rap sometimes. But Marcus will always be grateful for the professionalism displayed by the Sulphur Police Dept. It is hard not to take a theft of your most prized possessions personally. But, the positive, can-do attitude of the police lifted Marcus’ hope of success in retrieving something. This is one positive case where the good guys got the bad guys, and they will pay the price for their idiocy.

It is easy to take effective law enforcement for granted until you are the victim. You simply cannot put a price on the value of your personal vehicle or the best mounted whitetail bucks of your lifetime.

The men in blue are certainly the heroes of this true story. They performed a tough job with great spirit and effectiveness. We live in a mostly civilized world, made possible by dedicated officers who protect us and our possessions.

We salute the Sulphur Police Department for their dedication and a job done well.

Happy hunting, and thank God for good law enforcement!

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