The Motley Crew

Rocke Fournet Thursday, October 17, 2019 Comments Off on The Motley Crew
The Motley Crew

We are just rounding the corner into October with the relentless heat still topping out in the 90s. If you still are convinced global warming is a figment of the imagination, then take a hike. The heat, of course, is exacerbated by high humidities that will make you sweat.

Louisiana sportsmen are impatiently waiting for our first real cool front of the year. We have already enjoyed several Pacific fronts passing through that we really had to concentrate on as real weather changers.  Mostly it was slightly drier, with just a hint of “cooler.”

In these parts, hot, rainy weather is a recipe for the ever-present mosquitoes. Weather conditions have been ideal lately for these annoying and persistent pests. When in doubt prepare for them with a liberal dose of “skeeter spray.” But have no fear, Louisiana mosquitoes are mostly immune from the strongest repellant. If you inhabit their domain, you will pay the price.  The bloodsuckers will attack until you succumb to their incessant buzzing before finding a suitable spot for injection. If the heat doesn’t get to you, the bugs will.

Every local sportsman is praying for some relief with real lower temperatures that make you feel like waking up early.

A little north wind was all that was required to turn on the saltwater fishing action. Nice speckled trout that until now have been non-existent suddenly began to turn on. Throw in a limit of the ever-present redfish, and you have the potential for some great fishing.  Catch a flounder for dessert and celebrate with a fisherman’s delight gourmet meal.

Teal season opened recently to allow local hunters to sharpen their shooting skills for the pending opening of duck season. Hunters found the birds mostly scattered in local rice fields and marshes. The fast-moving teal can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Opening weekend was hot for teal in select areas. It was the inaugural hunt from The Thornwell Oaks Hunting Lodge. It is run by Henning’s Guide Service, headed by Capt. Grant Henning. The motley crew of Chad Richard, Jody Moss, T-Claude Devall, Jason Hebert, Cooper Fournet and Larry O’Quain, guided by James Angelle, proved that they could shoot!  

At sunrise, the action was fast and furious as the teal bombarded the fields.  This group had its fair share of sharpshooters, and it was short but sweet, as the firing died down in less than an hour. Nothing like a successful hunt to put on a smile!

The second best part of a great teal hunt can be expected at the dinner table. Pot roasted with brown gravy, teal would put a big smile on any self-respecting Cajun. They make an awesome home-cooked meal and put an exclamation point on a great hunt.

Local hunters are enduring the pre-season heat to prepare themselves for the fall hunting seasons. There is much sweat to be poured as good hunters roll up their sleeves and put in the work to prepare themselves for hunting seasons. There is plenty of work, so pitch in and do your part to ready yourself and your preferred hunting area. You will be pleased as punch when your work pays dividends that produce a productive hunt.

Pray for an early cool front for the sake of all your hunting brethren. After all, we are all in this thing together. Living the good life in Louisiana!

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